Narrative and Abstraction

This mixed media collage consists of a long skein of yarn of varying colors attached at point A at the top of the print, creating a jumbled mass of yarn below and exiting at point C, also at the top of the canvas.
Buky Schwartz
Line A-C
mixed media, wool on canvas
28 1/4 in x 20 1/4 in (71.76 cm x 51.44 cm)
Gift in honor of Dr. E. Bryce and Harriet Alpern, by their children
A line of wool thread connecting from point A to point B, with a layer effect of wool in the central area of the piece.
Buky Schwartz
Line A-B
wool, paint, mixed media collage on canvas
28 1/4 in. x 20 1/4 in. ( 71.76 cm x 51.44 cm )
Gift in honor of Dr. E. Bryce and Harriet Alpern, by their children
Theodoros Stamos
Delphic Sun Box
sreenprint on paper
23 7/8 in. x 25 13/16 in. ( 60.7 cm x 65.6 cm )
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
An assemblage of wooden boxes painted black. The boxes are mounted on top of each other and each box contains carved pieces of wood in various shapes. 
Louise Nevelson
Dark Presence III
painted wood
97 in x 140 ¼ in x 10 in (246.38 cm x 356.24 cm x 25.4 cm)
Gift of Bobby Kotick
An oil painting on canvas, this is an abstract painting predominantly using black and white oil paints. The background appears to be white paint with a black box on the upper half. The two colors are connected by a long black brushstroke down the middle. The brushstroke does not touch the edges of the canvas but instead takes up 2/3 of the canvas length-wise and 1/3 width-wise. 
Sugai Kumi
Cousin du Diable
oil on canvas
76 ½ in x 39 ¾ in (194.31 cm x 100.96 cm);78 ¾ in x 40 in (200.02 cm x 101.6 cm)
Gift of Mr. Keith Wellin
Jake Berthot
Juggler's Debt
acrylic on shaped canvas
60 in. x 72 in. ( 152.4 cm x 182.88 cm )
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
Naomi Dickerson
Second Score for Black Opera
lithograph on paper
30 1/16 in x 22 7/16 in (76.36 cm x 56.99 cm);30 1/16 in x 22 7/16 in (76.36 cm x 56.99 cm)
Gift of the Michigan Workshop of Fine Prints.
Lester L. Johnson
Total Eclipse
acrylic on canvas
46 in. x 36 in. ( 116.8 cm x 91.4 cm )
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
Lester L. Johnson
One for Gladys Knight
color lithograph on paper
21 15/16 in. x 30 1/8 in. ( 55.8 cm x 76.5 cm )
Gift of Detroit Workshop of Fine Prints
This work is a square, abstract composition with thick, overlapping yellow and gray lines in a labyrinthine pattern. The print is signed and dated (l.r.) "Anni Albers 1970." and titled and numbered (l.l.) "Yellow Meander 51/75" in pencil.
Anni Albers
Yellow Meander
screenprint on paper
28 1/8 in x 24 1/8 in (71.44 cm x 61.28 cm)
Gift of the Estate of Richard H. Shackson
William Weege
handmade paper and string on paper
19 7/16 in x 28 in (49.37 cm x 71.12 cm);25 3/16 in x 33 3/16 in (63.98 cm x 84.3 cm)
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
Abstract colorful shapes of circle and square with lines.
John T. Scott
Spiders Don't Work on Weekends #2
gouache on paper
6 13/16 x 6 7/8 in. (17.3 x 17.46 cm)
Gift of Dr. James L. Curtis


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