Visit Guidelines and Chaperone Tips

In order to make the UMMA experience a good one for everyone, we ask group leaders to assure that students follow these guidelines. Please share with chaperones.

  • The Museum can accommodate up to 60 students in one visit.
  • Kindergartners may participate in a tour during the second semester of the academic year when they have settled into the routine of schooling. Kindergarten maximum attendance is two classes (up to 50 students) 
  • A coatroom is available. Museum floor plans may help plan routes through the museum. 
  • Students who need accommodations are welcome in the Museum. When requesting a tour, please note how we can help you most fully participate. It is helpful for us to have information about the following in advance: students with diabetes, interpreters, physical mobility concerns, and individual aides. The building and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Diaper changing tables are available in restrooms. Gender-inclusive restrooms are available on the second floor of the Museum. ASL interpreters and CART services are available upon request. For any questions about the tour or to share accommodation needs, please email 


Protecting Works of Art
You will see many great original works of art when you visit the Museum. Please help us to protect them so that other visitors might enjoy them, too.

  • Please do not touch the works of art.
  • If writing, please use pencils in the Museum.
  • Please leave gum, food, and drinks behind—they are not allowed in the galleries.
  • We know there is a lot to see! Please walk rather than run.
  • You do not need to whisper. Visitors should enjoy talking, but not shouting, while in the museum.



Elementary-age students must be accompanied by:

  • one adult chaperone per six children for K–2,
  • one per eight children for grades 3–5, and
  • one per ten for older students.

We hope you enjoy your tour while focusing on your role as a chaperone to facilitate the best possible visit for students. This includes looking after the safety of objects and students. 

  • UMMA tours are interactive and we don’t mind waiting for students to think and respond. We encourage chaperones to refrain from having side conversations or interrupting before the students have a chance to respond.
  • Please support the students by staying with your group and turning off cell phones.
  • To keep the focus on the school students and the art, we encourage alternate arrangements for young siblings and strollers. 


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