The Power Family Program for Inuit Art: Tillirnanngittuq

In the Spring 2019 touring season UMMA Docents and Volunteers were trained in the TimeSlips Creative Storytelling method, where facilitators utilize prompts that allow guests to collaboratively create their own stories. One of those completed stories can be found below. 

Stop 1- Enchanted Owl

Guests explored the print after hearing a folktale about the owl and raven.  Facilitators asked the guests why would the artist depict the owl this way?  What do you see? 

Stop 2-Time Slips story composed by residents as they looked at Hunters Anticipating the Hunt

Title: Surreal Alaska

Someone is bartering. Tom says they are teaching. Mary Ann sys they are buddies, Main Buddy and Smiley. Tom says they are interpreters from different villages. They are in a forest hearing geese. Laudra says they sound “BAK – BAK!” Tom says one is laying and egg, maybe it’s dinner? Maybe they don’t know replies Laudra. Swans are flying overhead looking for a place to land. It’s a spring day. We can see them so it’s during the light. Camille says they are learning how to find a piece of wood from the river. They are going to use it for protection. Maybe they will build an igloo where everyone is welcome. They can invite the birds to lay more eggs. The piece of wood might be a boat? They are fishermen in the arctic waters. It would be very cold but exciting. They see a big critter. A whale. There is a nor-whale. They finally took the log off their head because it got heavy. They see a polar bear with a baby bear. Polar bears are a dominant species. Susan sees two eyes in the picture. How exciting and they lived happily ever after.

Stop 3- Polar Bear and Cub

Facilitators asked guests to explore the textures, colors and design of the image prior to revealing what it was depicting. 

Successes:  Time slips worked better with the less advanced dementia participants.  All visitors seemed engaged and happy to be at UMMA
Challenges:  It was noisy.  Not everyone participated in the story telling activity.


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