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Sp19 Khandelwal - HISTART 394 / WOMENSTD 345 - Gender and Sexuality in South Asian Art and Visual Culture: 1850s - present

A photograph of a woman wearing a large fur hat, jewelry, and a long draped body garment. She holds a strand of beads in her hands, looking down toward the right. 
John Thomson
Mongol Woman
albumen silver print | paper
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
In this print a woman stands leaning against a mirror on her left, which shows her reflection. The woman is topless, wearing only a long necklace and billowing, striped pants. The floor is patterned with diagonal crossing lines forming diamond shapes. There is a checkered patterned arm chair in the background, as well as drapery and a doorway.
Henri Matisse
Odalisque à la culotte rayée, reflectée dans la glace
lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Mewar School
Râmâyana series, modern work in an 18th century style
1970 – 1980
ink and color | paper
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel
A bejewelled nayika holds an amorous pose. The portrait is focused on her upper body and side face.
Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Udaipur School
18th century
ink, opaque watercolor, silver, and gold | paper
Gift of Mr. George P. Bickford for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
This print has two scenes on the top half with one larger scene taking up the bottom half of the print. Each depicts an incarnation of a deity.
Bernard Picart
Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the People of the World: Incarnations (Avatars) Nine and Ten of Vishnu and Shiva
copper plate engraving | paper
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Full-length nude figure in fetal position viewed from behind<br />
Paul Gauguin
Manao Tupapau
woodcut | paper
Gift of Mrs. Florence L. Stol
Singh Kehar
Man twisting thread
1875 – 1885
ink and watercolor | paper
Gift of Mr. George P. Bickford for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
A photograph of four men sitting on and standing around an over-turned canoe. The figures hold fishing nets. One figure holds a fan and faces the viewer.
Francis Frith
Untitled, from "Frith's Series"
1858 – 1880
albumen print | paper
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis through the Friends of the Museum of Art
Mary Cassatt
The First Mirror (Looking into the Hand Mirror)
1845 – 1926
aquatint and drypoint | paper
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Artist Unknown, India, Delhi, Mughal or Deccani
A family of Bhil hunters
18th century
ink, watercolor wash, and gold | paper
Gift of Mr. George P. Bickford for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
Two women are shown standing near a group of deer in a forest. One plays a stringed instrument while the other feeds leaves to one of the deer close by. A lotus pond is shown towards the bottom portion of the image.
Artist Unknown, India, Punjab Hills, Kangra School
Court Ladies and Deer
1965 – 1975
ink and opaque watercolor | paper
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs
Balbir Sen of Mandi sits with his legs tucked under him against a purplish bolster on an oval orange carpet with a green border.  He wears a white garment with green borders and some jewelry:  a ring, bracelets, an armlet, necklaces, earrings and wears a green turban with a turban jewel across the front, surmounted by a black feathered aigrette.  A sword signifying his rank lies across his body.  He sits in strict profile with a heavy black beard and mustache.  The paper is plain and uncolored except around the figure, which is painted against a white wash taking the shape of the seated man and his setting.<br />Inscriptions in devanagari script are above the painting.<br />
Portrait of Maharaja Balbir Sen of Mandi
1820 – 1830
opaque watercolor and gold | paper
Gift of Mr. George P. Bickford for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection


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