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F17 French - HISTORY 316 / MEMS 316 / WOMENSTD 316 - Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: 500-1500 - Paper Study

This page of an illuminated manuscript on thin parchment is vertically oriented. Centered in the upper two-thirds of the page is a window-shaped scene of a priest celebrating mass. The priest, with red and white robes and a tonsure, holds up a communion wafer at an altar that has a bible and a communion goblet on it and an image of two figures with halos behind them. The altar and the priest’s robes are trimmed with gold leaf. Behind the priest are two kneeling figures, a man and a woman. They are in the interior of a gothic church, with stone vaulting above them. Below the scene are four lines of calligraphy with the first letter, a ‘D’, highly decorated. Decorative detailing surrounds the text and the scene. The left side consists of an ivy-like plant growing out of the "D", and the bottom and right sides have different foliate-derived design depicted in ink, tempera and gold.
Priest Celebrating a Mass (Leaf from the Tarleton Hours)
1425 - 1435
ink, tempera and gold | thin parchment
Museum Purchase
Leaf from a Book of Hours (Suffrage to St. Barbara)
1475 - 1485
ink, tempera and gold | parchment
Bequest of Mrs. John Alexander
This black and white print has a long vertical format showing two nude figures standing in front of a tree trunk. The female is holding an apple in each hand and has her left foot resting on a tablet with the letters HGB. Her face is turned to look at the figure behind her. This figure holds her shoulder with one hand and with the other places a leafy branch in front of her genitalia. On the bottom left corner is a date 1519.
Hans Baldung Grien
Adam and Eve (Fall of Man)
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Albrecht Dürer
The Virgin as Queen of the Angels
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Presentation in the Temple (Leaf from a Book of Hours)
1440 - 1450
ink, tempera and gold | parchment
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
The Last Judgement, from the Nuremberg Chronicle
15th century
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Hans Sebald Beham
The Prodigal Son Wasting His Substance
engraving | paper
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
Hans Sebald Beham
Judith Seated in an Arch
engraving | paper
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
Georg Pencz
Samson and Delilah
1531 - 1532
engraving | paper
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
Heinrich Aldegrever
Susanna surprised at the bath by the two elders (one from the set of 4 prints, T
engraving | paper
Museum Purchase
Hans Springinklee
Maximilian I Presented by His Patron Saints to the Almighty
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Two figures dominate the image with little reference to setting other than a low horizon line and some pebbles in the lower left. A man stands tothe lelft wearing simple tradesman's clothes; in his right hand he holds a ladle and another cooking implement. A knife in its sheath hangs at his waist. On his left shoulder stands a bird wtih wings open that is facing the man. To the right is a woman with a headdress and veil and cloak wrapped over one shoulder and in front of her.
Albrecht Dürer
The Cook and his Wife
1496 - 1497
engraving | laid paper
Museum Purchase


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