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W16 Keener - GERMAN 232 - Introduction to German Design

Lyonel Feininger<br><em>Manhattan I</em><br>1951<br>lithograph | paper<br>Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection<br>1983/1.188
László Moholy-Nagy<br><em>Konstruktionen (6)</em><br>1923<br>lithograph | paper<br>The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection<br>1969/2.64
László Moholy-Nagy<br><em>Konstruktionen (6)</em><br>1923<br>lithograph | paper<br>The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection<br>1969/2.63
Two tall, rectangular intersecting planes, one black and one white, create the appearance of a tall, minimal structure. Vertical lines of black and white add to the structure, which at its base projects slightly into a rough square shape that seems to delineate a kind of ground or base. The space around the structure is ochre.
László Moholy-Nagy<br><em>Construction (Konstruktion)</em><br>1923<br>color lithograph | paper<br>Gift of Jean Paul Slusser<br>1957/1.30
This abstract composition has two black half circles, and a large one with the rounded side to the left balanced precariously on a smaller one with the rounded side to the right. At the top, five yellow stripes hang from a line extending from the top half circle. At the bottom, the entire structure balances atop three sides to a square. In the upper right corner is a cone shape outlined in small black dots.
Lothar Schreyer<br><em>The Night</em><br>1922<br>lithograph, watercolor | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1948/1.436
Erich Heckel<br><em>Before the Mirror</em><br>1920<br>lithograph | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1950/1.169
A monumentally stylized head of a woman. Her head is tilted slighty to the viewer&#39;s right. Her eyes, nose, and lips are large and almost mask-like. She appears to be wearing a hat of a modern style. Shading is executed with powerful parallel lines and cross-hatching. The year of the work&#39;s execution, 1916, appears in the lower right.
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff<br><em>Head of a Woman (Frauenkopf)</em><br>1916<br>wood cut | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1949/1.175
Christian Rohlfs<br><em>Dancers (Zwei Tänzende)</em><br>1908 - 1918<br>linoleum cut | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1949/2.55
Max Beckmann<br><em>The Big Bridge</em><br>1922<br>drypoint | paper<br>Gift of Jean Paul Slusser<br>1948/1.20
Print featuring the head of a Caucasian man with short dark hair. Text written along a diagonal in lower right.
Max Beckmann<br><em>Portrait of Zeretelli II</em><br>1923<br>lithograph | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1949/1.185
Carl Hofer<br><em>Dancers</em><br>lithograph | paper<br>Gift of Jean Paul Slusser<br>1957/1.27
Carl Hofer<br><em>Dancers</em><br>1878 - 1948<br>lithograph | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1948/1.61


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