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W16 Kashdan - COMPLIT 241 - Feasts and Fasts: Food in Literature

Robert Doisneau<br><em>L'Innocent, from "Portfolio of 11 Photographs"</em><br>1949 - 1979<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Carl W. Melcher<br>1981/2.167.9
Text: Eat less, and let us be thankful that we have enough to share with those who fight for freedom - United States Food Administration
Albert Hendee<br><em>Eat Less, and let us be thankful that we have enough to share with those who fight for freedom - United States Food Administration</em><br>1918<br>color lithograph | paper<br>Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons<br>1954/2.35.48
A color photograph of a group of children and a cat at a table. Each child engages with something in the room, which is in an organized disarray. Egg shells fall from the table to the floor, toys are strewn about, and an infant and cat sit in the middle of the table.
Julie Blackmon<br><em>Birds at Home</em><br>2007<br>inkjet pigment print | paper<br>Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH<br>2013/2.103
Text: Food Will Win the War - You cam here seeking Freedom - You must now help to preserve it - Wheat is needed for the allies - Waste nothing - United States Food Administration
Charles Edward Chambers<br><em>Food Will Win the War - You cam here seeking Freedom - You must now help to preserve it - Wheat is needed for the allies - Waste nothing</em><br>1917 - 1918<br>color lithograph | paper<br>Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons<br>1954/2.35.17
This is a line drawing done in colors of red, orange, blue, yellow, brown and green, on white paper. In the top center portion of the sheet are the words, "A LIE". Below this are forms that resemble an egg, a slice of bacon, a piece of bread with a pat of yellow butter. Below these forms are some round shapes, labeled "flakes", a bowl and a carton of milk, labeled "milk".
Jean-Michel Basquiat<br><em>A Lie</em><br>1981<br>colored crayons | paper<br>Gift of Arthur Cohen in honor of Ben and Yetta Cohen<br>1985/2.18
Prophet William J. Blackmon<br><em>Do You Just Stuff Food</em><br>1984 - 1996<br>latex and enamel paints | board mounted on frame<br>Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection<br>2002/1.207
A formal portrait of a pastry chef in his commercial kitchen. 
August Sander<br><em>Konditormeister Franz Bremer </em><br>1928<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1974/2.25
Sondra Freckelton<br><em>Still Life with Apples</em><br>1979<br>watercolor | paper<br>Gift of Herbert Barrows<br>2000/2.228
Two men in the foreground feed one another while two additional men look on or out at the viewer from behind. 
Dmitri Baltermants<br><em>The Politics of Dinner, Afghanistan (Khrushchev Exchanges Food with the Afghan P.M. While Bulganin Looks On) </em><br>1960<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)<br>2014/2.310
This photograph shows a man and woman at a dinner table. The man is covered in coal dust from his work in the mines.
Bill Brandt<br><em>Northumbrian Miner at His Evening Meal </em><br>1937<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art<br>1984/1.291
Max Beckmann<br><em>Hunger. No. 4 from the Series of Ten Prints, 'Die Hölle' (Hell).</em><br>1919<br>lithograph | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1949/1.184
This print shows a scene of a crowd of people on a street corner, most under the sign for Elm St. Some of the adults in the drawing have upset facial expressions. Many carry loaves of bread. One man climbs the street sign pole, a girl stands behind him, and a bicycle leans against the pole. The men in the drawing wear suits and shirts; the women wear dresses and hats. In the background, a boy in roller skates sits on the curb.
Earle Winslow<br><em>All food supplies were to be confiscated and rationed out</em><br>1930<br>graphite, pen, ink | illustration board<br>1980/2.188


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