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Women in Front of the Prison

Accession Number

Women in Front of the Prison

Fanny Rabel

Object Creation Date

Medium & Support
lithograph on paper

17 1/16 x 14 1/2 in. (43.2 x 36.8 cm);28 3/16 x 22 1/8 in. (71.44 x 56.04 cm);23 x 17 11/16 in. (58.3 x 44.9 cm)

Credit Line
Museum Purchase

Subject matter
Women conversing in front of jail.

Physical Description
Three women stand at the center of the piece in front of what appears to be a prison. The woman in the middle covers her mouth with her hand; face filled with anguish. The face of the woman to the right of the painting is not shown, while the woman to the left stands with hands clasp, hair long, and face stoic.

Primary Object Classification

Collection Area
Modern and Contemporary

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buildings (structures)
groups (organizations)
groups of people
women (female humans)

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