St. Croce e Statua di Dante (Firenze)

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St. Croce e Statua di Dante (Firenze)

Giorgio Sommer; Edmondo Behles

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Medium & Support
albumen print on paper

12 in x 14 in (30.48 cm x 35.56 cm);18 1/8 in x 22 1/8 in (46.04 cm x 56.2 cm);10 7/8 in x 13 7/8 in (27.62 cm x 35.24 cm)

Credit Line
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. W. Howard Bond

Subject matter
Set in the Tuscan city of Florence, this photograph depicts a view of the medieval church of Santa Croce. The church’s façade is symmetrically adorned with geometric patterns made of dark and light marble blocks and bears three towering entranceways. Above the central door in the upper portion of the façade is a large circular window, which serves to light the cavernous space inside. Spread out before the church is Piazza Santa Croce a wide, open space circled by palazzos and apartment buildings. Standing on a large stone pedestal in the piazza is a marble statue of the poet, Dante Alighieri. Rendered on a monumental scale, the famed Florentine poet is depicted drawing his cloak about him, his gaze fixed grimly on the horizon, a crown of laurel leaves atop his head. The statue is situated on a pedestal which has four stone lions perched on each corner. A low wrought-iron fence circles the monument. Save for this sculptural work, the piazza is eerily empty, and devoid of persons.  

Physical Description
This photograph depicts a view of a church. Before the church in the piazza stands a monumental statue of a figure in draped clothing.  

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Italian (culture or style)
Italian Medieval styles
Italian Renaissance-Baroque ceramics styles
Tuscan (culture or style)
church towers
churches (buildings)
modern and contemporary art
piazzas (squares)
sculpture (visual works)
stone (worked rock)

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