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Black and white drawing of organic forms vaguely resembling human figures flowing into one another in a room-like space. On the right hand side of the grouping stands the most recognizably humanoid figure.
Arshile Gorky (American (North American))
Study for 'Image in Xhorkom'
1931 – 1941
Gift of Mrs. Florence L. Stol

Giuseppe Bison
Study of a Kneeling Monk or St. Jerome
1805 – 1831
Museum Purchase

Designs for Various Objects
1795 – 1805
Museum Purchase

Bernardino Campi (Italian (culture or style))
Ornamental Design: A Grotesque Winged Figure (recto); Beginning of an Architectu
16th century
Museum Purchase

Giuseppe Barberi
Studies for Three Ornamental Panels with Death's Heads as Motifs
1746 – 1809
Museum Purchase

Giuseppe Barberi
Design for a Tureen
1746 – 1809
Museum Purchase

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione
The Holy Family
1645 – 1649
Museum Purchase
This drawing has sketches of women on both sides of the paper. The front (recto) image shows a seated woman with her hands in her lap and she faces forward. The reverse (verso) side shows another seated woman and also sketches of clothing. On the front, the artist has signed (l.r.) "R Dufy" in pencil.
Raoul Dufy (French (culture or style))
Studies of Seated Women
1905 – 1915
Gift of Gilbert Frimet
Men holding spears placed in an interior hall. There are drapes hanging above.
Joachim Wtewael
Figures in a Hall
16th century
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink