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Giuseppe Bison
Study of a Kneeling Monk or St. Jerome
1805 – 1831
Museum Purchase
This sketch depicts a man in profile, facing toward his right. He wears a turban and an elaborate collar. On the verso is pasted a small print of James Barry's painting "The Distribution of Premiums in the Society of Arts", originally part of a series "The Progress of Human Culture" painted between 1777 and 1784. The print is smaller and more simplified than the official print Barry made after his painting published in 1792, and probably came from a book. 
Untitled (Head of a Man Wearing a Turban)
1802 – 1825
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A sketch of a man from behind.  The man's upper torso, back of head, and arm are redrawn around the complete sketch.  The man appears slightly haunched over and is fully clothed.  He also appears to be gripping something.
Max Liebermann (German (culture or style))
Studie zu einem Bild (Study for a painting): A Farmer with Horse and Plough (recto); Standing Male Figure (verso)
Gift of Herbert Barrows
One of four paintings in the series Glasses (Double Twice Group). Skinny upright rectangle with rounded edges in dark pencil at center, filled in with sheer tan wash. Translucent mint green wash covers most of the tan, except for a strip visible at the top. The colored areas extend beyond the penciled-in borders.
Lucio Pozzi
Glasses (Double Twice Group)
The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States, a joint initiative of the Trustees of the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection and the Nation Gallery of Art, with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Institute for Museum and Library Services
Figure study of female nude lying on her stomach, from a 3/4 side position of artist. Woman's head is in top left, her torso at lower right of page. Woman's left elbow is crooked, pointing toward viewer. Brown tempera accents the body, while green tempera accents the surface below. Woman's left breast is visible.
Christian Rohlfs
Female Nude Lying on Stomach, study for Female Nude from the Back (Weiblicher Rückenakt), 1911
Gift of the Ernst Pulgram and Frances McSparran Collection

Mauro Antonio Tesi
Sketch for the Corner of a Painted Ceiling Decoration
1730 – 1766
Museum Purchase
Black and white drawing of organic forms vaguely resembling human figures flowing into one another in a room-like space. On the right hand side of the grouping stands the most recognizably humanoid figure.
Arshile Gorky (American (North American))
Study for 'Image in Xhorkom'
1931 – 1941
Gift of Mrs. Florence L. Stol

Giuseppe Barberi
Studies for Three Ornamental Panels with Death's Heads as Motifs
1746 – 1809
Museum Purchase

Giuseppe Barberi
Design for a Tureen
1746 – 1809
Museum Purchase