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A powerfully muscled nude man sits astride a fearsome sea creature. He grasps an oar in his left hand and the beast's reins in his right, while a cloth billows out behind him. A variety of humanoid creatures frolic in the seascape in the background.
Hendrick Goltzius
Oceanus (from a Series of 6 Mythological Figures)
1589 – 1590
Museum Purchase
A muscular man towers over a mountainous landscape in this engraving. Clothed only in a helmet, sandals, and flowing cape, his startling physique is on full display. He grasps a sword and shield and strides vigorously toward the background, where a knot of men battle at the foot of a mountain.
Hendrick Goltzius
Marcus Calphurnius Flama (Plate 8 from "Roman Heroes")
Museum Purchase
A crowd gathers in the side chapel of a church around a group of seated figures and an infant. A man with a long flowing beard sits and holds the infant in his hands above a plate, while another man leans forward in his chair and peers through his spectacles at the child as he performs a circumcision. A plaque with the artist's initials, "HG," lies on the floor in the foreground.
Hendrick Goltzius
The Circumcision (Life of the Virgin Series)
Paper trimed to print frame. Previously print had been folded in half and damaged; repair visible on verso. Paper size: h 34 1/2cm x w 26 1/2cm.
Hendrick Goltzius
The Goddess of the Night
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
This impressively large engraving depicts the muscular back of a marble statue of a man. The figure leans upon a club draped with a lion skin and holds three apples in his right hand behind his back. Two men look up at the statue from the lower right corner of the print.
Hendrick Goltzius
The Farnese Hercules
1587 – 1597
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
This black and white print shows a nude woman and young boy with wings within an oval shape.The woman is lounging on a draped surface and has her arm around the boy. He is facing toward her and pushing an arrow against her left breast. Other smaller scenes surround these figures including, a woman in a chariot drawn by swans; a man and a woman conversing in a forest; two figures in a landscape scene and two birds nestled together. Outside the oval in the corners of the work are hearts, flaming arrows and roses . At the bottom is Latin lettering.
Hendrick Goltzius
Venus and Cupid
1591 – 1601
Museum purchase made possible by the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund

Hendrick Goltzius
Christ and Woman at the Well
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Hendrick Goltzius
William of Orange
1558 – 1616
Museum Purchase

Hendrick Goltzius
Adoration of the Magi, from 'The Life of the Virgin', in the manner of Lucas van
1589 – 1599
Museum Purchase

Hendrick Goltzius
Pietà (The Lamentation of the Virgin)
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art