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This is a vertically arranged abstract print that incorporates sets of facial features (and perhap legs) that stare out at the viewer. The colors in the print are predominately yellow on the right and black on the left; green, red, and white are also used.
Adja Yunkers (American (North American))
Museum Purchase
This vertical print shows a slick advertising image in the top half with a man and a woman watching an early model television set. The woman is smoking a cigarette. A text box is inserted asking three questions. The bottom half is less slick, simply a diagram and text, some of it in a typewriter font. Text above and below asks about how soon television sets will be widely available in homes and museums. The date 1944 is included in parentheses at the top of the image.
Nam June Paik (South Korean)
A New Design for TV Chair
Gift of Mr. Robert Rauschenberg
This print shows a profile of a small, bear-like man from the waist up. He is balding, with a fringe of hair by his neck but none in the center of his head. He wears a light colored, loose fitting garment with thick, dark outlines articulating the parts of his clothing. The background is very dark.
Georges Rouault (French (culture or style))
Bon Électeur
Museum Purchase
This title sheet from Pechstein's "The Lord's Prayer" portfolio has the title of the series in large letters and an attribution to Pechstein at the bottom. Beneath the word "Vater," a man leans over a table, his hands folded in prayer. Two other praying men in profile bracket the word "Unser" near the bottom. All three wear plain, long-sleeved blue shirts.
Max Pechstein
The Lord's Prayer, sheet 1 (Das Vaterunser)
Museum Purchase
This color photolithograph is in shades of purple and blue and has an image of a woman's head. She is wearing an elaborate hat and glasses. The hat is a large sphere and is covered in stripes of colored sequins. The glasses also have colored sequins but in the shape of flowers.
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (British (modern))
Cucumber Night Cream
1965 – 1970
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick
This print has an image of a plant with three large petals in black with white lines. The plant has a dark blue stem which reaches the bottom of the image. In the background, there are colored strips in tan, blue, pink, maroon and black. In the blue band, there are patterned variations in a lighter tone. The plant also has its own embossed marks. The print is titled (l.l.) "Ocean View" signed (l.r.) "Barbara Young imp" and numbered (l.c.) "7/20" in white.
Barbara Young (American (North American))
Ocean View
Gift of Claire Spitler
A black and white woodcut print of a black key-like shape with an off-white marking at the top.
Hans (Jean) Arp (French (culture or style))
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
This etching with drypoint had a series of abstracted figures created with line. There is a large head at the center and around it there are at least five other heads/figures. Through the right-center of the page there is a strong black, winding line. In addition, there is a large starburst at the top right. The print is signed and dated (l.r.) "Miró / 1947" and numbered (l.l.) "57/70" in pencil.
Joan Miró (Spanish (culture or style))
Filletto, sautant à la corde, femmes, oiseaux
Museum Purchase
At the center of the print is a series of abstract bone-like shapes put together to resemble a creature or creatures. The background is colored, top to bottom, in blue, yellow, and green. The print is signed and dated (l.r.) "Yves Tanguy 1947" and numbered (l.l.) "57/70" in pencil.
Yves Tanguy (French (culture or style))
Museum Purchase