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This print is a depiction of the Niagara Falls.
Hiroshi Yoshida (Japanese (culture or style))
Niagara Falls
1900 – 1949
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund

Paul Caponigro
Straw and Bramble, Redding, C.T., from "Color Nature Landscapes I"
1983 – 1984
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Sobel

N. Alizone(?)
The Edge of the Forest
19th century
Gift of an Anonymous Donor, from the Collection of Dr. Wilbert B. Hinsdale

James Valentine
Lower Fall of Foyers, from "Ecosse"
Museum Purchase
This photograph depicts a view looking down through a rocky passage to a mountainous landscape beyond.
Eliot Porter (American (North American))
Waterfall, Hagavatn, Iceland, 25 July 1972
Gift of Marilyn and Leon Sokol

Paul Caponigro
Straw and Bramble, Redding, C.T., from "Color Nature Landscapes"
1976 – 1983
Gift of Clayton E. Wilhite
This photograph depicts a small river cascade in a pine forest.
William Henry Jackson (American (North American))
Cascade, Middle Fork of the Gallatin, M.T.
1872 – 1877
Museum Purchase
This photograph shows a centralized view looking down into a rocky canyon, a river winding at its bottom into the distance.
F. Jay Haynes (American (North American))
Grand Canyon, from the Brink
Gift of Howard and Margaret Bond
This photograph depicts a view of a grove of aspen trees.  
Ansel Adams (American (North American))
Aspens, Northern New Mexico
Gift of Harry H. Lunn, Jr.
This photograph depicts a flat, boulder-strewn valley leading up to a range of cloud-swept mountains in the distance. 
Ansel Adams (American (North American))
Mt. Williamson, Sierra Nevada, from Manzanar, California
Gift of Harry H. Lunn, Jr.
The photograph depicts an expanse of sand dunes in the morning light.
Ansel Adams (American (North American))
Sand Dunes, Sunrise, Death Valley National Monument, California
Gift of Harry H. Lunn, Jr.
This work is a double-sided page from a bound album. The painting, depicting a Hindu ascetic walking with his dog in a pastoral landscape, has been placed in a border, decorated with a floral scroll painted in gold on a blue or pale orange ground; a similar border surrounds a calligraphy panel on the reverse side.  The border and the calligraphy panel are both somewhat later in date than the painting itself.<br />The painting of the ascetic and his dog is pasted onto an album page.  It is surrounded by a series of gold floral borders alternating blue and saffron-colored backgrounds.  Wearing a brown poncho-like garment and carrying a fan in his right hand and a bag of his belongings, the lead attached to his white dog, and some tools in his left, he strides through the landscape.  He wears sandals and has long brown matted locks of hair and a graying beard.  The landscape consists of intersecting rounded forms in shades of green and yellow, surmounted by trees along the top and with a larger blue-foliaged tre
Indian;Mughal (Indian (South Asian))
A wandering Shaivite ascetic with his dog
1567 – 1632
Museum purchase, Acquisition Fund
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