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This hanging scroll shows a monk seated cross-legged on a lotus pedestal with his head and shoulders surrounded by a white halo. He is dressed in black robes, with a white, geometrically patterened kesa. He holds a Buddhist rosary in both hands, and looks downwards into the distance. 
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Portrait of a Monk (Hônen?): Pilgrimage Souvenir from Hôshôji, Kodairao ?) Village, Wakayama Prefecture
19th century
Museum purchase for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
A Jina is encircled by a giant halo of ref, green, blue, gold, and white. Within the halo are different creatures, including a tiger, bird, naga, and devotees. The Jina sits nude on a throne with his legs crossed and hands together. Above him are clouds in the sky, and below a monk and devotees.
Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Sirohi School
Jina venerated by a monk, men and women, a naga, and animals from a Digambara Jain manuscript
18th century
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel.
This hanging scroll depicts two figures, one with with a head covering and billowing robes holding a staff, and a shorter figure looking out towards the viewer. An inscription is placed in the upper left corner of the image.
Soga Shōhaku
Kômusô Monk and Attendant
18th century
Museum Purchase
A central figure dressed in a robe and crown is sitting on a throne and holding an alms bowl. Two smaller figures are on both sides of him. The left figure appears to be a monk. He is bald and is holding a staff. The right figure has a beard and is wearing a headdress. He stands with his hands clasped together. The background is filled with patterns and symbols of people, animals, and nature. 
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Dizangwang Bodhisattva
20th century
Gift of Willard A. and Marybelle B. Hanna
Sixty gods, monks, and officials are divided into six rows with ten figures in each row. Every figure is captioned with his name above him. 
Artist Unknown
Chinese New Year's Poster
1935 – 1945
Transfer from the Asian Art Archives, Department of History of Art