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Allart van Everdingen (Dutch (culture or style))
The Broad River (No. 1 of a series of six prints)
1640 – 1650
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke
The VENTE COROT mark in the lower left corner is placed within a path that runs from that corner diagonally up towards the right where it is blocked from view by the rocky terrain. There is a scribbling that extends vertically from the land in the center of the image and the darkest area is to the right of that. The left side of the image has much less variance in lines and weights.
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Landscape Studies, Italy
1826 – 1828
Museum Purchase

Jan Both
Museum Purchase
This is an abstract watercolor done in shades of black, blue and brown. There are highlights of bright red and blue and a line drawing of a tower in the upper left corner.
William Lewis
The New Landscape
Gift of Sandra Cohan
A stoneware ceramic box, with a rounded bowl and a nearly flat lid, decorated with a free-hand drawn landscape in underglaze cobalt blue on the lid, and then coated in a whitish glaze overall.
Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Blue-and-white covered box with landscape scene on lid
16th century
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This abstract painting is composed of veils of purples, pinks, blues, green, and black paints overlapping. A large round spot of yellow stands out in the center of the top edge of the canvas. 
Morris Kantor (American (North American))
Figures in a Landscape
Museum Purchase
A nude woman with long hair flowing down her back grasps a tree branch with her right hand and bends it downward in order to more easily pluck the green fruit dangling at its tip with her left hand. Her white body contrasts starkly with the darker tones of the surrounding landscape. The less conspicuous figure of a serpent with the head of a bearded man coils about the trunk of the tree next to the woman and fixes her with his stare.
Defendente Ferrari
Eve Tempted by the Serpent
1520 – 1525
Museum Purchase
View of a yacht across water and through tree leaves and branches.
Karl Struss (American (North American))
Yacht Harbor, Lake Como
Gift of Wanda Capps
This abstract painting has a number of wide, white-blue horizontal brush strokes through the middle portion. Yellow and green strokes are layered in the upper right of the canvas. Along the edges of the work, there are purple, yellow, and grey mountain shapes.
Elliott Green (American (North American))
Black Wing
Gift of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York; Hassam, Speicher, Betts and Symons Funds, 2015
Print of an aerial view of a strip of green trees cutting through orange and red fields and tilled land making u-shaped patterns.
Barry W. Andersen (American (North American))
Alabama #19-6
Gift of the artist
Photograph of a well in the center of a landscape below cloud-filled skies.
André Kertész (American (North American))
Hungarian Landscape, Puszta
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Strauss
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Print of an aerial view of plowed fields with U-shaped designs left by the machinery. A green swath cuts through the bottom fo the picture in another U-shape.
Barry W. Andersen (American (North American))
Alabama #18-6
Gift of the artist