39 UMMA Objects
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Anstract print with aggressive lines in black, yellow, green, grey and white.
Artist Unknown
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
A collage drawing with "When was the future?" in the middle of the object. The words are cut out of pictures of trees and a city's skyline. The background of the collage is the view of of a tall building and a cutout of a youth doing a handstand is placed on the balcony.  A picture of a tree is included by the person.
Jakob Kolding
When was the future?
The ewer in this drawing is decorated with cavorting satyrs, lions, and grotesque masks.
Mathias Zündt
Decorative Ewer with Satyrs
1551 – 1572
Museum Purchase
This drawing on paper shows an abstract sculptural object. The form is shaped like a large angular, upside-down 'U' with a geometric shape in the center. The drawing is signed and dated in black crayon (c.l.) "Lipton 74".
Seymour Lipton (American (North American))
Gift of Carol Lipton Goyette
This is an ink drawing of a rooster. The rooster is centered and has its left foot raised, its right foot grounded, and its neck arched to its right.
Cåndido Portinari
Untitled (Rooster)
1910 – 1960
Gift of Clan Crawford, Jr.
This black and white drawing depicts a sculptural, three-dimensional abstract form at the center. The spiky form stands on a rectangular base and a horizon line is visible at the center behind the object. The drawing is signed and dated in crayon (c.r.) "Lipton 59" and dated in pencil (c.r.) "59".
Seymour Lipton (American (North American))
Gift of Carol Lipton Goyette
A collage drawing with "Stakes is high" in large bubble letters at the top. The bottom of the drawing is a sparse cityscape and a figure wearing a purple skimask looking at the viewer.
Jakob Kolding
Stakes is high
Museum Purchase
A drawn portrait of a woman.  She is sitting faced away from the artist but looks over her left shoulder at him to pose.  There is detail in her face and hair but that detail gradually decreases below her shoulder and in her clothing.
Albert Sterner (American (North American))
Portrait of Alice
1870 – 1940
Gift of Clan Crawford, Jr.
A graphite drawing of the head of a young man looking up. His shoulders point to the left of the drawing and his neck and face are upturned towards the top right side, where his gaze is directed.
Guido Reni
Head of a Young Man Looking Up
1600 – 1642
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This small sketch presents a view along a waterway that passes beneath a double-arched bridge. The triangular sail of a small boat is visible just before the bridge, moored to the quai next to some sheds. A tall church with a central steeple rises on the right bank in the foreground, and two other tall buildings punctuate the middle ground and distance. The chimneys and rooflines of humbler dwellings appear on the left bank. Despite the urban setting, only a few figures may be glimpsed, including a man crossing the bridge on horseback.
Jan Josephsz van Goyen
View of a River Town with a Bridge
17th century
Gift from the Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
Drawing of a horizontal cylindrical object, perhaps a sculpture, with hood-like element rising over it from behind, cobra fashion. 
Seymour Lipton (American (North American))
Gift of Carol Lipton Goyette
The drawing depicts a river with at least a dozen boats of various sizes in the fore- and middle grounds. The ships range in size from a larger boat with a single tall mast, to smaller boats with and without sails, including a small boat in the lower left corner poled by a man standing in the stern that seems to be ferrying a group of people across the river. Many of the boats are docked and are being loaded or unloaded. The spires and rooftops of towns are visible on both riverbanks.
Jan Brueghel
A River Landscape
1575 – 1650