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Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Miniature dog mask
18th century
Museum purchase for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Mother of pearl snuff bottle
1780 – 1880
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan
This red earthenware dog sculpture stands at attention with a stocky body on four muscular legs, paws carved to differentiate toes, tail curled up at the hind quarters, its head atop a thick neck, smiling mouth with deep set large eyes and pointed ears, a harness strapped around its powerful chest. Traces of red, black, and white mineral pigment.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
25 – 220
Gift of Domino's Pizza, Inc.
The drawing is mounted on an album page of a yellowish color flecked with gold.  There is a narrow frame in a slighter lighter tone outlined with gold and red lines.  The main figure sits facing the viewer and is in a long robe.  An emaciated, nearly nude figure faces him squatting with his hand on one knee.  Another ascetic stands and offers obeisance to the master.  One dog rolls around in front of him and another on a leash walks behind him.  There is a clump of bushes to the lower left and a tree to the upper left tops a diagonal leading down to the right with a large group of twisted trees. <br />
Artist Unknown, Mughal Workshop, Uttar Pradesh
Ascetics with dogs in landscape
17th century
Museum purchase, Acquisition Fund
Kids waiting for a bus. One boy with his hand on a dog while they stand there. The bus is coming down a dirt road.
D. James Galbraith
First Day of School, Hartland, Michigan
1975 – 1985
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Snuff bottle with painted design of a Pekingese dog and bamboo
1821 – 1850
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan
In the right foreground of a landscape scene there is a male figure reclining before two tall trees. The figure holds a wooden staff in one arm and points toward his dog with the other. In the distance there is a lake and mountainous landscape replete with many buildings. Several long-necked birds fly in the sky.<br />
Giovanni Maria Verdizotti
Landscape with Mountains and Castle and Hunter
16th century
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Two men and a dog. The dog has a paw on the one man's leg while he is petting it. The other man is standing with his elbow leaning on a mailbox.
D. James Galbraith
Hartland: Change in the Heart of America
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family
A back view of a man walking holding two metal buckets. There is a dark colored dog walking next to him.
D. James Galbraith
Milking Time, Livingston County, Michigan
1975 – 1985
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family
A partial view of a butcher's shop is seen frontally from across the road. To the left is an arched doorway within a pedimented entryway; a woman holding a baby stands silhouetted against the doorway while a little girl sits on the stoop. To the right is an arched shopfront that comprises both the doorway and the window in which hangs two large cuts of meat. The window of the shop is partially screened by an awning the extends before the facade of the building. A dog is seen sitting in front of the shop window.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
The Butcher's Dog
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Nakayama Tadashi
Gogo no shojo (Girl in the Afternoon)
Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell
Blurry image of a man walking a dog on a leash past busy shops in the background.
Duncan Hartley
Man Walking Dog in Greenwich Village
1978 – 2013
Gift of the artist
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