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Paper size: h 33 3/5cm x tw 42 1/2cm &amp; bw 42 3/10cm. Image size: h 22 7/10cm x w 31 2/5cm.<br />
This lithograph is printed is tones of brown ink on cream colored paper. There is a large dappled horse standing in a stall with its left rear hoof raised. On the left, a man, standing with feet braced and muscular arms extended, uses tools to attach a shoe to the horse's hoof. Steam billows from the hot metal shoe. On the right, a man stands leaning against the stall and a small child reaches up toward the horse's head. The horse bends its head down toward the child. There is an English inscription below this scene that identifies the artist, title and publisher.
Théodore Géricault
The Flemish Farrier
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
This work is a double-sided page from a bound album. The painting, depicting a Hindu ascetic walking with his dog in a pastoral landscape, has been placed in a border, decorated with a floral scroll painted in gold on a blue or pale orange ground; a similar border surrounds a calligraphy panel on the reverse side.  The border and the calligraphy panel are both somewhat later in date than the painting itself.<br />The painting of the ascetic and his dog is pasted onto an album page.  It is surrounded by a series of gold floral borders alternating blue and saffron-colored backgrounds.  Wearing a brown poncho-like garment and carrying a fan in his right hand and a bag of his belongings, the lead attached to his white dog, and some tools in his left, he strides through the landscape.  He wears sandals and has long brown matted locks of hair and a graying beard.  The landscape consists of intersecting rounded forms in shades of green and yellow, surmounted by trees along the top and with a larger blue-foliaged tre
Indian;Mughal (Indian (South Asian))
A wandering Shaivite ascetic with his dog
1567 – 1632
Museum purchase, Acquisition Fund
A bearded man, wearing only a crown of thorns, a loincloth, and a long robe, stands stooped and sorrowful at the top of a short flight of steps. A man wearing a pointed cap and holding a scepter in his left hand emerges from the doorway behind him and points toward him with his right hand. A riotous crowd, full of grimacing and leering faces, stands on the steps and ground below. A column and a bundle of switches appear through the window behind the crowned figure. A small snarling dog appears in the foreground next to the steps where the artist&#39;s initials &quot;M + S&quot; are inscribed.
Martin Schongauer
Ecce Homo (Passion Series)
1475 – 1485
Museum Purchase
This engraving depicts a comfortable domestic interior. An old bearded man sits poring over a book at table in the back of the room. A lion and dog rest on the floor in the foreground. Various other objects appear around the room, including a skull, books, slippers, a crucifix, and a pair of scissors.
Albrecht Dürer
St. Jerome in His Study
Gift of the Estate of Beatrice Bishop Berle
The drawing is mounted on an album page of a yellowish color flecked with gold.  There is a narrow frame in a slighter lighter tone outlined with gold and red lines.  The main figure sits facing the viewer and is in a long robe.  An emaciated, nearly nude figure faces him squatting with his hand on one knee.  Another ascetic stands and offers obeisance to the master.  One dog rolls around in front of him and another on a leash walks behind him.  There is a clump of bushes to the lower left and a tree to the upper left tops a diagonal leading down to the right with a large group of twisted trees. <br />
Artist Unknown, Mughal Workshop, Uttar Pradesh
Ascetics with dogs in landscape
17th century
Museum purchase, Acquisition Fund
Paper size: lh 24cm &amp; rh 23 4/5cm x tw 29cm &amp; bw 29 1/5cm. Image size: h 13 1/2cm x w 18cm.
Félix Hilaire Buhot
Les Voisins de Campagne
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
This watercolor depicts a group of three children, three adult females, two adult males, and one small dog. An adult male plays a string instrument on the far left side, and an adult female sits on the lower right side; the rest stand. All the figures wear vividly colored clothes.<br />
Saverio della Gatta
A Group of Strolling Peasants
1777 – 1811
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
Three main figures (two men and the camel they are riding) are brought to the foreground because of the contrast between their light colors against the stark green hill. The hill dominates the background leaving only a little bit of blue sky visible in the top corners. Underneath the main figures a secondary white dog and rabbit are also prominent.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Two men on a camel
1833 – 1866
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
Panel painting depicting a young woman of high society in an interior setting filled with Asian accessories.  She stands behind a door, which she holds partly open revealing a small white dog sitting in front of an armchair.<br />
Alfred Stevens (Belgian (modern))
Hide and Seek (Cache-Cache)
1873 – 1883
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This print depicts a street scene in Tokyo, in which women, a child and a dog are portrayed.
Yoshida Tōshi
Ga no Tokyo: Shiroi kura [Pictures of Tokyo: Kikuzaka Street, White Storehouse]
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
A group of figures are seen kneeling at the lower left in preparation of eating an al fresco meal. The figures consist of two women, two men, and a child, accompanied by a dog, curled up at the bottom right and two lambs or sheep at the right side. Two standing men and a cow are visible, as is the landscape behind the figures that includes trees and a house.<br />
Throughout, the work is unified by the consistent fluid and dense pen strokes that describe the figures and animals as well as the distant landscape and sky.
Untitled (A Group of Peasants Eating)
1550 – 1599
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection