Modernisms and Manifestos

A bronze sculpture of an abstracted male figure in motion. His knees are bent to the right and his arms are tucked along his torso. The strong diagonal lines make him appear to be propelling in movement with great force. Juxtaposing the dark wooden base, there is light patina in the mostly bright bronze.
Mino Rosso
Uomo in movimento
bronze | wood base
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Winston
<p>Interior composition with male and female dancers positioned at center with seated female at lower left, standing male on crutches at right and a group of birds in the leftmost background.</p>
Max Beckmann
Begin the Beguine
oil | canvas
Museum Purchase
Three birds, executed with spare line and simple form, are set within an abstracted landscape of bright yellows and oranges.
Max Ernst
At the Crossroads (En Rade)
oil | canvas
Gift of the Estate of Maxine W. Kunstadter in memory of Sigmund Kunstadter, Class of 1922
On a narrow, vertically oriented canvas, white surreal biomorphic forms float over a background of larger biomorphic forms in dark blues and black with some red splashes. 
Gerome Kamrowski
The Student (L'Etudiante)
oil | canvas
Gift of Mr. Jean Paul Slusser
A small polished bronze sculpture of a biomorphic form rising gracefully from a small base. Where it contacts the base, the form stands on two leg-like structures. The form rises from there, narrows, then opens up into a wider, more oblong shape at the top.
Hans (Jean) Arp
Little Torso No. 5 (Torse)
1930 – 1957
polished bronze |
Gift of the Estate of Maxine W. Kunstadter in memory of Sigmund Kunstadter, Class of 1922
A clear glass bubble rests on the bowl of a plain white clay pipe. Along the stem of the pipe are the words, "Ce que [sic] manque à nous tous."
Man Ray
What We All Lack (Ce qui manque à nous tous)
blown glass, clay, and wood
6 1/2 in. x 4 9/16 in. x 13/16 in. ( 16.5 cm x 11.6 cm x 2 cm )
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
In this line drawing, three figures are seated on the ground, in a diagonal row, making hats out of grasses. The first has a large bundle of raw materials, the second appears to be weaving them, and the third, a woman, is holding a nearly finished hat. Behind them is a large pile of hats.
Diego Rivera
Hat Makers
India ink | india ink on paper
Gift of Mrs. Florence L. Stol
Overlall yellow, orange and black. There are various women, one large eyeball in the center, trains, buses and buildings in the background. There are large rays of orange and yellow.
N. Chelovsky
The Man with the Movie Camera
lithograph | buff wove paper, laid down on canvas
Gift of James T. Van Loo


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