Visual Art and Medicine Elective, April 2022Michigan Medical School  (Death of Leander)

For use in study room, 4/21 10-11 am

In dark turbulent waters under a stormy sky four nude sea nymphs support the body of a long-haired man between them on a white shroud. The face of a man with kelp in his hair appears between two of the nymphs.  On the right a bearded man with a trident in his right hand rides in a chariot fashioned from a seashell and pulled by two fished-tailed horses or hippocampi. Just visible in the distance behind the back of the rightmost nymph, a lofty tower rises above the waves.
Giulio Carpioni
The Death of Leander
oil on canvas
30 5/8 in. x 43 3/8 in. ( 77.8 cm x 110.1 cm )
Museum Purchase

This painting will be used in UMMA study rooms for a discussion as part of two week elective at Michigan Medical School: Visual Art and Medicine. 


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