Impressionism: High School Painting

A sweeping winter river scene opens up from the foreground and sweeps away towards the left. Ice floes dot the river surface and snowy hills frame trees that stand along the riverbank in the middle distance. The palette of this painting is restricted to mauves, blues, greens, and whites.
Claude Monet
The Break-up of the Ice (La Débâcle or Les Glaçons)
oil on canvas
23 ¾ in x 39 3/10 in (60.33 cm x 99.85 cm);32 ½ in x 48 in x 2 ¾ in (82.55 cm x 121.92 cm x 6.99 cm)
Acquired through the generosity of Russell B. Stearns (LS&A, 1916), and his wife Andree B. Stearns, Dedham, Massachusetts
Edgar Degas
Self-Portrait (Edgar Degas, par lui-même)
etching on paper
9 1/16 in. x 5 3/4 in. ( 23 cm x 14.6 cm )
Museum Purchase
At the center of the print, a figure leans forward with her arms outstretched and one leg pointed behind. The figure wears a large, puffy skirt, with a sleevless top—she is a ballerina. The background is dark and sketchy, and the figure is outlined in strong black lines.
Edgar Degas
Danceuse sur scène, salutant
aquatint and drypoint on Arches beige laid paper
11 13/16 in x 9 7/16 in x 9/16 in (30 cm x 23.97 cm x 1.43 cm)
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
Edgar Degas
Loges D'Actrices (Actresses in Their Dressing Rooms)
aquatint and etching on paper
6 5/16 in. x 8 7/16 in. ( 16 cm x 21.4 cm )
Museum Purchase
Edgar Degas
Mary Cassatt at the Louvre: The Paintings Gallery
etching, softground etching on heavy grey laid paper
( )
Gift of the Emil Weddige Collection
Edgar Degas
Danseuse Mettant son Chausson
etching on paper
7 in x 4 5/8 in (17.78 cm x 11.75 cm);19 in x 14 in (48.26 cm x 35.56 cm);12 7/8 in x 9 3/4 in (32.7 cm x 24.77 cm)
Museum Purchase
A nude woman seen from behind bends forward, holding a towel in her right hand.  Her hair falls over her head towards the ground.  Rumpled fabrics on the edge of a bed are seen in the foreground of the image. 
Edgar Degas
La Sortie du Bain
lithograph on wove paper
18 1/8 in x 15 1/8 in (46.04 cm x 38.42 cm);12 3/8 in x 9 3/8 in (31.43 cm x 23.81 cm);18 1/8 in x 15 1/8 in (46.04 cm x 38.42 cm)
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
Edgar Degas
Mary Cassatt at the Louvre: The Etruscan Gallery
softground etching, drypoint, aquatint, and etching on paper
10 1/2 in. x 9 1/4 in. ( 26.7 cm x 23.5 cm )
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Kahn
A black and white image of a young woman, seated and holding a book in both hands, while another stands with her back to her. In the background, on the wall, hangs a picture depicting two women reclining. Sharp, thin lines run across the image.
Mary Cassatt; Edgar Degas
Mary Cassatt au Louvre, Musée des Antiques, devant le Sarcophage Étrusque
print on paper
11 ¼ in x 10 in (28.58 cm x 25.4 cm);21 1/16 in x 17 1/16 in x ¾ in (53.5 cm x 43.34 cm x 1.91 cm);19 ½ in x 15 ½ in (49.53 cm x 39.37 cm)
Gift of Nicholas and Elena Delbanco
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Pierre Renoir, de face
lithograph on paper
11 3/8 in x 9 5/16 in (28.9 cm x 23.7 cm);28 1/16 in x 22 1/16 in (71.28 cm x 56.04 cm);23 1/8 in x 17 in (58.8 cm x 43.2 cm);11 3/8 in x 9 5/16 in (28.89 cm x 23.66 cm)
Museum Purchase
At the center of the lithograph, there is an image of a woman sitting with her back to the viewer. The sitter looks over her left shoulder. In the print, the figure is surrounded by cloud-like smudges in grey and black.  The print is signed (l.r.) "Renoir" in stone.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Etude de Femme Nue, Assise
lithograph on Arches wove paper
12 7/8 in x 9 3/4 in (32.7 cm x 24.77 cm);22 in x 17 15/16 in (55.88 cm x 45.56 cm)
Museum Purchase
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Sur la Plage à Berneval
etching on paper
13 1/4 in. x 10 1/16 in. ( 33.6 cm x 25.6 cm )
Gift of Mr. Steven Hutchins

These images can provide a backdrop for learning about Impressionism's techniques and social / political context. 


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