Seal Script

Chinese origins

1) Seal script is one of the earliest forms of Chinese characters, dating from the first millennium BCE. Although both of the works here are relatively recent, early examples of it survive in China on materials such as bronze, stone, and individual seals. The Chinese sample here is written entirely in seal script; the Japanese has only the top in seal script, while the rest is in more "modern" characters. What does seal script writing make you think of (especially when contrasted with more modern cursive)?

Wang Shang-Yi
Calligraphy sample in Seal Script
unmounted sheets, ink on paper
( )
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
This is a hanging scroll of calligraphy. On the uppermost section is one large character. Underneath it is two lines. There are three different sized of fonts on this scroll, the uppermost character is the largest. On the right, there are four characters of the medium-sized font. On the left are two or three characters (it is difficult to read) of the medium writing followed by the smallest size of writing directly below. There is a total of three red seals. One on the upper right, on the corner of the largest character, and two on the bottom left next to the small font line.
Mitsui Shinwa
Calligraphy: "Bird" in seal script, plus two lines
ink on paper
39 5/8 in. x 11 1/4 in. ( 100.6 cm x 28.6 cm )
Gift of Helmut Stern


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