Activity - Curate a connection: Mexican Muralist Movement - Eisenstein, Soviet Constructivist Film Maker        

For this activity, you will work with some fellow students to curate a display of works by artists of the Mexican Muralist Movement that helps us understand Eisenstein's interest in the movement and in Mexico.

To get us started, your UMMA educator will provide you with some quick background on the Mexican Muralist Movement. They will share screen and browse the artworks as they talk, but you can also browse UMMA's collection of works from this movement here.

Now we will go to our breakout rooms to curate your own selections. You will select three works of art and place them in a row in this google document.

Here are steps to follow:

1) Discuss artworks that struck you as relevant while the class was browsing the resource. Share your ideas with one another and explain why.

2) Decide on three images that would work together to help museum visitors understand Eisenstein's interest in this movement and in Mexico.

3) Plan how your group will explain its selection to the class. You can designate a speaker or do it together.


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