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Sp20 De la Cruz - HISTORY 230 - From Seances to Conspiracy Theories: Global Histories of the Occult

Occult Mysticism in European Art


Ann McCoy - art and alchemy

Ann McCoy's website

McCoy Underworld - discussion doc


Europe mystified by Africa

African Atlantis

Article on Froebenius's discovery of Ife art

Arte yoruba, nigeria, testa da ife, 12-15mo secolo.JPG

Dogon culture and Sirius B

In Search Of - Dogon and Sirius B (video clip from late 1970s TV show about mysteries and the occult)

"The Sirius Mystery" (wikipedia entry on important book promoting the Sirius B story

Here is a video of someone using Universe Sandbox to try to see if it's possible to create the Sirius star system as the Dogon (Sirius A, B, and C) based on physics.


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