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Sp20 De la Cruz - HISTORY 230 - From Seances to Conspiracy Theories: Global Histories of the Occult

Occult Mysticism in European Art


Ann McCoy - art and alchemy

Ann McCoy's website

McCoy Underworld - discussion doc


Europe mystified by Africa

African Atlantis

Article on Froebenius's discovery of Ife art

Arte yoruba, nigeria, testa da ife, 12-15mo secolo.JPG

Dogon culture and Sirius B

In Search Of - Dogon and Sirius B (video clip from late 1970s TV show about mysteries and the occult)

"The Sirius Mystery" (wikipedia entry on important book promoting the Sirius B story

Here is a video of someone using Universe Sandbox to try to see if it's possible to create the Sirius star system as the Dogon (Sirius A, B, and C) based on physics.

Albrecht Dürer
Melencolia I
engraving on paper
9 11/16 in x 7 9/16 in (24.61 cm x 19.21 cm);22 ⅛ in x 18 ⅛ in (56.2 cm x 46.04 cm)
Museum Purchase
Albrecht Dürer
The Virgin as Queen of the Angels
woodcut on paper
11 3/4 x 8 5/16 in. (29.85 x 21.11 cm);11 3/4 x 8 5/16 in. (29.85 x 21.11 cm);19 x 14 in. (48.26 x 35.56 cm);12 13/16 x 8 7/8 in. (32.54 x 22.54 cm)
Museum Purchase
A large central figure represents God towers seen in the radiating rays of light and clouds that surround him.. On the forehead of his blocky, totemic head is a third eye. His left arm crosses over his middle and holds fire. His right hand extends down to the lower right corner as reaching down. The words "Vater Unser" are at the very top; "Der Du Bist" across God's waistline; "im Himmel" along the bottom.
Max Pechstein
The Lord's Prayer, sheet 2 - Our Father Who Art in Heaven (Das Vaterunser - Vater Unser Der Du bist im Himmel)
woodcut with hand-coloring on paper
23 ½ in x 16 ¼ in (59.69 cm x 41.28 cm);28 ⅛ in x 22 in (71.44 cm x 55.88 cm)
Museum Purchase
This is a line drawing of a woman's head inscribed within a vertical rectangle. Simple horizontal and vertical lines depict the eyes, nose, and mouth while a few curved lines above each eye depict a hair line, and a large "U" forms the chin. 
Alexei Jawlensky
lithograph on paper
7 1/16 in x 4 15/16 in (17.9 cm x 12.5 cm);11 9/16 in x 9 in (29.4 cm x 22.8 cm);19 in x 14 in (48.3 cm x 35.6 cm)
Museum Purchase
Within a black background a white oval shape sits at center; within the oval are a series of abstracted forms and lines in primary colors all characteristic of Kandinsky's style.
Wassily Kandinsky
Small Worlds III
lithograph on paper
14 in x 11 in (35.56 cm x 27.94 cm);10 15/16 in x 9 1/8 in (27.78 cm x 23.2 cm);13 9/16 in x 11 in (34.4 cm x 28 cm);19 5/16 in x 14 3/8 in (49 cm x 36.5 cm)
Museum Purchase
Josef Albers
Homage to the Square
serigraph on paper
19 3/16 x 15 in. (48.6 x 38.1 cm);28 1/8 x 22 1/8 in. (71.28 x 56.04 cm);19 3/16 x 15 in. (48.58 x 38.1 cm);11 x 11 in. (27.94 x 27.94 cm)
Museum Purchase
This print shows a chaotic scene with a white skeleton in the center. In the upper left, there are a series of sea creatures, including a grey colored shark, pink colored squids and two octopuses in shades of orange. At the bottom of the print, the skeleton is surrounded by a large lizard, skulls, and other figures. A moon and stars are in the upper left corner. The print is signed (l.r.) "Underground Ann McCoy" and numbered "18/100" in red pencil.
Ann McCoy
The Underworld
hand colored lithograph on paper
42 in x 30 in (106.68 cm x 76.2 cm)
Gift of Professor and Mrs. Edward J. Mitchell
This hand colored lithograph shows a chaotic scene with three, masked figures at the lower left surrounded by a variety of sea creatures: squids, octopusus, sharks and turtles. 
Ann McCoy
hand colored lithograph on paper
42 in x 30 1/16 in (106.68 cm x 76.36 cm)
Gift of Professor and Mrs. Edward J. Mitchell
Odilon Redon
Druidesse; Druid Priestess
lithograph on paper
9 1/4 in. x 7 15/16 in. ( 23.5 cm x 20.2 cm )
Museum Purchase
Antelope Mask
wood with traces of paint
20 9/16 in x 6 5/16 in x 5 1/16 in (52.3 cm x 16 cm x 12.8 cm)
Museum Purchase assisted by the Friends of the Museum of Art
17 5/16 in x 6 7/8 in x 7 1/16 in (44 cm x 17.5 cm x 18 cm)
Museum Purchase assisted by the Friends of the Museum of Art


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