Potential Confessional (2020)

Composed and performed by Noah Fishman (Master of Music in Composition - Bass, 2020) and Julia Foran (Bachelor of Music in Performance - Viola, 2020).

“Potential Confessional” is a structured free improvisation by Noah Fishman and Julia Foran. Noah and Julia met in Mark Kirschenmann's 'Creative Arts Orchestra’ course at U-M before beginning their collaboration on this work. Based on the shape of the space at UMMA and the allusions to Catholicism and social living spaces within the art, Noah and Julia were attracted to the notion and practice of confession. With Noah on electric bass and Julia on viola, the sound is low and resonant yet textural and detailed: The viola provides an etherial, spiritual sound, while the bass keeps things more grounded. “Potential Confessional” combines scratches and extended technique on viola, harmonics on both instruments, and foley sounds from small beads, inspired by the confession practice. The intention was to create a sound that would feel textural and relatable, colorful and songful, intimate despite the massive space.

This project is part of an on-going partnership between UMMA and the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance, supported by the Katherine Tuck Enrichment Fund and the Greg Hodes and Heidi Hertel Hodes—Partners in the Arts Endowment Fund.


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