Thai Buddhist Altar 

Gilt and lacquered wooden table of ten-piece altar set. Not including the base, the set is designed in three rows, which simultaneously recede from the viewer and increase in height, culminating in one central table that rises above the rest allocated for a statue of the Buddha. Each table is carved along the edges in stylized floral and leaf patterns coated with gold gilt. The wood surfaces of the tables are coated in red lacquer, and with the exclusion of the short, wide base, each table in the set includes a mirror designed to face the viewer.
One of Ten-Piece Set of Altar Tables
gilt and lacquered wood with mirrors
21 5/8 in. x 10 1/16 in. x 20 1/4 in. ( 55 cm x 25.5 cm x 51.5 cm )
Gift of Doris Duke's Southeast Asian Art Collection

"Doris Duke: The Southeast Asian Art Collection" by Nancy Tingley. Published by the Foundation for Southeast Asian Art and Culture, New York. 


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