Sp18 Levinson - ENGLISH 340 - Doing Things with Poems

A black and white silkscreen lettering of a dove with its right wing outstretched, neck turned. The bird's beak is a brilliant shade of orange. There is a poem titled, "I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great." below the dove, and names of various people above the dove. The poem was written by Stephen Spender.
Ben Shahn
I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great
white and black silkscreen lettering and watercolor wash on paper
30 1/4 in x 24 1/4 in x 5/16 in (76.83 cm x 61.6 cm x 0.79 cm)
Gift of the Robbins Center for Cross Cultural Communication, Founder Warren M. Robbins
This print shows a clear glass on a windowsill, both outlined in black. The window is colored a muted yellow and solid blue sky depicted through the window. The print is signed and editioned in pencil (l.r.) "Patrick Caulfield AP".
Patrick Caulfield
Oh Helen, I roam my room
screenprint on paper
16 1/8 in x 14 3/16 in (41 cm x 36 cm);24 in x 22 1/16 in (61 cm x 56 cm)
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
This watercolor study has a green, red, and gray figure floating on a page taken from a copy of Gustave Flaubert's <em>The Temptation of Saint Anthony</em>. The page has a series of marks at the bottom of the paper in pencil by the artist, including his initials (l.r.) "TR".
Tim Rollins
ink and watercolor on paper
8 1/2 in x 5 1/4 in (21.59 cm x 13.34 cm)
Gift of Leonard Rosenberg
Lester Johnson
Still Life in Milford
oil on canvas
44 5/16 in. x 36 in. x 1 3/4 in. ( 112.6 cm x 91.4 cm x 4.45 cm )
Gift of President and Mrs. Harold Shapiro
John Cage
typed poem on paper
10 11/16 in x 8 3/16 in (27.2 cm x 20.8 cm);14 3/8 in x 19 3/8 in (36.51 cm x 49.21 cm)
Gift of Professor and Mrs. Gerome Kamrowski
Alexander Corazzo
grapite on paper
7 1/16 in x 5 ⅜ in (17.94 cm x 13.65 cm)
Gift of Gerome Kamrowski
This print has rows of stencilled black text in all capital letters on white background. In pencil, the print is signed and dated (l.r.) "Glenn Lignon '92" and numbered (l.l.) "27/45". 
Glenn Ligon
etching, aquatint, spitbite, and sugarlift on Rives BFK paper
25 in x 17 1/4 in (63.5 cm x 43.82 cm);32 3/16 in x 26 3/16 in (81.76 cm x 66.52 cm)
Museum Purchase
An abstract painting with a low horizon line, deep blue above the horizon and dark greenish-brown below. There is a brown cloud-like abstract form left of center, and bright white, swirling brushstroke right of center.
E. E. Cummings
oil on cardboard
14 9/16 in x 18 3/16 in (36.99 cm x 46.2 cm);8 9/16 in x 14 5/16 in (21.75 cm x 36.35 cm)
Gift of Laurence and Nancy Goldstein
Lesley Dill
White Poem Figure (The Soul Has Moments of Escape)
unique gelatin silver print on paper
19 15/16 in x 16 in (50.64 cm x 40.64 cm);28 3/16 in x 22 ¼ in (71.6 cm x 56.52 cm)
Museum purchase made possible by the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
A long wooden box divided into two compartments, one small and one large. The small compartment contains an intricately worked gold thimble inscribed with a poem. The long compartment contains a silver thimble in which horse hairs have been threaded. The tuft of horse hair runs the length of the long compartment.
Ann Hamilton
gold thimble, silver thimble, horsehair, wood and glass
3 3/8 x 33 9/16 x 7 1/2 in. (8.5 x 85.1 x 19 cm);3 3/8 x 33 1/2 x 7 1/2 in. (8.5 x 85 x 19 cm)
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
This is a line drawing on white paper. There is a hatchet, an oblong box with a dark line around the middle and the words, "thousands of dollars". The drawing is signed and dated (l.r.).
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Thousands of dollars
graphite on paper
24 in x 18 in (60.96 cm x 45.72 cm)
Gift of Arthur Cohen in honor of Ben and Yetta Cohen
Box containing dark green linen book with the words "Auden Poems/Moore Lithographs" on the cover. Inside the book, there is text with twenty-three accompanying lithographic images. Numbered 53/150.

Auden Poems/Moore Lithographs: Selections from Poems by Auden/Lithographs by Henry Moore
lithographs on Hodgkinson paper, in linen book and box
16 1/2 in x 13 1/2 in x 2 in (41.91 cm x 34.29 cm x 5.08 cm)
Gift of Corrine Lemberg


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