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Sp18 De la Cruz - HISTORY 230 - Occult Internationalisms: The Global Spread of Secret Knowledge

Albrecht Dürer
Melencolia I
engraving | paper
Museum Purchase
Landscape scene with three figures (two standing and one kneeling) near a large sculpture of a God with a figure on horseback in the distance.  Image consists of sharply cut and defined elements.<br />
Paul Gauguin
Maruru (Offering to the Gods)
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
This print shows a black and white skull on a hairy, insect-like body with a tail and six legs. The figure holds another skull in its right hand and a bone in its left hand. Other smaller skulls and bones surround the figure.
José Guadalupe Posada
Calavera Huertista
1905 – 1915
relief engraving | paper
Museum Purchase
Print depicting two nude males crouching with their back to the viewer while looking out over a body of water
Max Pechstein
Am Wasser (At the water)
woodcut | thin, slightly textured cream Japan paper
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
Christian Rohlfs
1849 – 1938
color woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
This hand colored lithograph shows a chaotic scene with three, masked figures at the lower left surrounded by a variety of sea creatures: squids, octopusus, sharks and turtles. 
Ann McCoy
hand colored lithograph | paper
Gift of Professor and Mrs. Edward J. Mitchell
A large central figure represents God towers seen in the radiating rays of light and clouds that surround him.. On the forehead of his blocky, totemic head is a third eye. His left arm crosses over his middle and holds fire. His right hand extends down to the lower right corner as reaching down. The words &quot;Vater Unser&quot; are at the very top; &quot;Der Du Bist&quot; across God&#39;s waistline; &quot;im Himmel&quot; along the bottom.
Max Pechstein
The Lord's Prayer, sheet 2 - Our Father Who Art in Heaven (Das Vaterunser - Vater Unser Der Du bist im Himmel)
woodcut with hand-coloring | paper
Museum Purchase
Within a black background a white oval shape sits at center; within the oval are a series of abstracted forms and lines in primary colors all characteristic of Kandinsky's style.
Wassily Kandinsky
Small Worlds III
lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
Josef Albers
Homage to the Square
color lithograph | cream wove paper
Gift of Stephen M. Taylor
A blurred image of a nude figure bending forward, the arms nearly reaching the ground.
Bill Jacobson
Song of Sentient Beings #1612
gelatin silver print | paper
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
The majority of this print is blank, except for a series of photos and patterns on the center-left. There are three main sections. At the top are a series of horizontal bands; some are just lines in maroon, pink, red, green and yellow, and one large band has a red checker-board pattern on a maroon background. Below, there are two photographs: each one shows a different group of performers in costume lined up on display.
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
New Semester Reward of the Oppressed
1965 – 1970
photolithograph | paper
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick
Photograph of F. Holland Day in an "Algerian costume." Day sits cross-legged and looks down on his clasped hands resting in his lap.
Frederick H. Evans
F. Holland Day in Algerian Costume
platinum print | paper
Museum Purchase


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