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The Age of Creation    

From Ferdowsi's Shahnama, the Persian Book of Kings 

Cast of Characters: 

  • Gaiumart: the legendary first shah who taught humans, "the arts of life" 
  • Ahriman: Gaiumart's opponent and the embodiment of evil 

He who compiled the ancient legendary,
And tales of paladins, saith Gaiumart
Invented crown and throne, and was a Shah. . . .
Its lord was Gaiumart, who dwelt at first
Upon a mountain; thence his throne and fortune
Rose. He and all his troop wore leopard-skins,
And under him the arts of life began,
For food and dress were in their infancy.
He reigned o’er all the earth for thirty years,
In goodness like a sun upon the throne,
And as a full moon o’er a lofty cypress
So shone he from the seat of king of kings.
The cattle and the divers beasts of prey
Grew tame before him; men stood not erect
Before his throne but bent, as though in prayer.
Warner, I, 118–19


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