Brendan McMahon Class Visit February 2018

Thin porcelain conical bowl with direct rim on a footring, covered in a white glaze with bluish tinge, the rim is unglazed.
porcelain with glaze
2 1/16 in x 7 in (5.2 cm x 17.8 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene for The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene Memorial Collection
A tall porcelain vase with an ovoid lower body, and a tall, narrow ribbed neck, and dish shaped mouth. The jar is on a footring. The neck has several applied figures of molded immortals and sculpted cosmological creatures, including a dragon and clouds.  The jar is covered in a white glaze with a bluish green tinge. It is missing the lid. 
Covered Jar
stoneware with glaze
16 3/4 in x 5 11/16 in (42.5 cm x 14.5 cm);7 1/4 in x 8 1/4 in x 20 13/16 in (18.5 cm x 21 cm x 52.8 cm)
Gift of Mark W. Phillips
A small jar with a slightly tapered base and a shoulder that tapers to a narrow tall neck with a direct rim.  It is painted with underglaze cobalt blue floral designs, and covered in a clear glaze. 
Small Jar
porcelain with underglaze and glaze
1 3/4 in x 2 in x 2 in (4.45 cm x 5.08 cm x 5.08 cm)
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This porcelain jar tapers to a base with a recessed foot ring, and has wide, softly rounded shoulders leading up to a wide neck. It is painted with underglaze cobalt blue to depict a key-fret border around the neck, with banana leaf lappets around the shoulder, and two <em>qilin</em> (麒麟) in a mountainous landscape with <em>lingzhi</em>-shaped clouds. It is covered in a clear glaze, and has an unmarked base. 
porcelain with glaze and underglaze
16 1/8 in x 14 3/16 in x 14 3/16 in (40.96 cm x 36.04 cm x 36.04 cm);x 43 7/8 in x 111.44 cm
Gift of Stuart and Barbara Hilbert
A porcelain globular jar tapering to foot with a short neck with copper-wire repair, and a domed cap lid. It is painted with multiple shades of underglaze blue to portray peony meander around the body between lappet borders around the shoulder and foot, then covered in a clear glaze.
porcelain with underglaze, and glaze
6 in x 4 5/8 in x 4 5/8 in (15.3 cm x 11.7 cm x 11.7 cm);6 1/4 in (15.8 cm);5 15/16 in (15 cm);6 13/16 in (17.3 cm)
Gift of the Estate of Hobart Taylor, Jr.
It is a porcelain carafe with blue underglazing, with design of stylized acronym of King Rama V of Thailand (1868-1910), his name and reign in medallions with bat motifs and ribbons, and flower and leaf scrolls.<br />
Jingdezhen Kiln
Blue-and-White Carafe with royal monogram and bat motifs
porcelain with blue underglaze painting
12 3/8 in x 5 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in (31.5 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm);12 3/8 in x 5 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in (31.5 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm)
Gift of Doris Duke's Southeast Asian Art Collection
Sasaki Shôraku
Raku-style Black Tea Bowl
earthenware with black glaze
3 1/8 in x 4 1/2 in (8 cm x 11.5 cm)
Oribe-style Tea Bowl
green and tan glaze and design of dragon on stoneware
2 15/16 in. x 4 5/16 in. ( 7.5 cm x 11 cm )
Black Ninsei-style Tea Bowl
3 in. x 4 13/16 in. x 4 13/16 in. ( 7.6 cm x 12.2 cm x 12.2 cm )
Ninsei-style Tea Bowl
3 1/8 in x 4 15/16 in (7.94 cm x 12.54 cm)
Shallow Mishima Tea Bowl
white slip and incised design on stoneware
2 1/16 in. x 5 5/8 in. x 5 5/8 in. ( 5.2 cm x 14.3 cm x 14.3 cm )
Lid Rest with Bamboo Design
porcelain with underglaze blue painting
1 15/16 in. x 2 3/16 in. x 2 3/16 in. ( 5 cm x 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm )


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