Follow Up After Your Visit to UMMA

Suggestions for post-visit reflection, at the site or in the classroom:

  1. Allow time for students to offer immediate feedback about highlights and memories.

  2. Display and share assignments or creations made in conjunction with the visit

  3. Create and curate your own classroom art gallery based on student observations. Works may include labels, they may be displayed thematically, they may include a variety of media.

  4. Gather reflections about the experience and compose a class narrative that encapsulates many perspectives. This could be in the form of a journal, handbook, or news report.

  5. Post images in your classroom that students may have seen on the field trip. If you projected or posted images prior to your visit, choose the same one and engage in the “I Used to Think, But Now I Think” routine. Find the lesson plan from Harvard University’s Project Zero here.

    6. Visit the Lesson Plans from UMMA Teacher Workshops for other ways to integrate art into the classroom. 

Evaluation for Teachers and Students:

  1. Consider educational purpose: were students aware of the intent and purpose of the field trip? Did students meet expectations and objectives?

  2. What could be improved to create a more meaningful visit?


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