Tour: Greetings!

Use strategies from Eric Booth to create engaging connections between the specific age group and the theme of the tour. Integrate each stop on the tour with the theme.

I. Engagement Strategies, Introduction, Ideas for engaging students

This tour looks at how artists use body and facial expression and hand gestures to convey meaning in art.

Ask students to put hands in expressive greetings/ gesture of fear, surprise, deep thought, etc. Repeat with face.

Discuss how we read meaning in expression and gesture with our friends just as we can in art.

II. Tour Stops

Art Work Gallery Talking Points

Noel The face tells us what he's doing. Note detail, color.

Apse The body and face show emotion. Tell the story.

Decorative Arts Hand made
Note matierials
Welcome home (as if extending hand of greeting)

<media Deux Enfants Lisant version="quarter" caption="no" float="left">

Modern & Contemporary Faces

<media Khmer-Lopburi style version="quarter" caption="no" float="left">

South / Southeast Asia Faces quiet
Tell story

South / Southeast Asia


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