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This is a triptych, displaying all three panels at once. In the left panel, a woman squats, holding a book, on which stands a man holding an umbrella. Another standing woman looks over her shoulder at it. In the center panel, an older man is seated on a bench with a brush or pipe in his hand. A woman looks at him over her shoulder. In the right panel, two woman stand with two girls. One of the girls is half hidden behind the woman on the left and gesturing forward. The other girl looks up at the two woman. In the background are white flowering trees as well as some calligraphy.<br /><br />
This is a set with 1948/1.186 and 1948/1.187.<br />
Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese (culture or style))
Complete Illustrations of Yoshiwara Parodies of Kabuki: Courtesans of the Matsubaya
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
In this print, one of a series of ten views of "tea house" districts, Kiyonaga has depicted two women and a child strolling along the shore by the sea wall at Takanawa. A woman at left shields her eyes from the summer sun with her fan, and has her obi tied in front of her.  The younger looking companion holding her hand wears a gaily flowered kimono, which has fallen wide open.  A child walks with them, gesturing to the side of the print.  The front portion of a boat and wall of a town or temple lie behind them.<br />This is an especially well-preserved print, where even the indigo blue is still visible.
Torii Kiyonaga
Views of Ten Tea Houses: Takanawa
1778 – 1788
Museum Purchase