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Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Three Combs
1925 – 1999
Gift of Mrs. Kazuko Miyake
An abstract sculpture with a post extending upward and an intersecting curved bar. Two smaller crescent shaped bars are attached to the vertical post.
Morris Brose (American (North American))
1974 – 1984
Bequest of Gertrude Kasle
A table with painted metal legs and frame. The top is covered in shells, some gold-painted. A glass top covers the surface of the table.
Michele Oka Doner (American (North American))
Autobiographical Table II
1975 – 1985
Bequest of Gertrude Kasle
A black and white image of a man walking in the partially grassy, partially paved courtyard of an old stone building. 
Richard Swanson
Castillo de San Marcos
1972 – 1976
Gift of Mark Swanson
Collage made of paint and pieces of colored paper with the lower two thirds in grid pattern. The primary colors are pink, red, and blue.
Jerry Lawrence
1960 – 2014
Bequest of Marion Lawrence

Jerry Lawrence
1960 – 2014
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
An engraving of a sea shell, match book, postage stamp, bullet, toy plane, screw, pocket knife, and fishing lure on top of a tree trunk next to the text of Ernst Hemingway's <em>Along with Youth.</em>
Along with Youth - Ernest Hemingway
20th century
Bequest of Marion Lawrence

20th century
Bequest of Marion Lawrence

Endi Poskovic
Death of a Painter in Deep Green with Red/Rumor de Limites
1969 – 1999
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
Abstract image consisting of blue, white, yellow, orange, and pink lines on a black background.
Roberto Matta (Chilean)
1911 – 2002
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
A black and white photograph of a man in movement, his feet lifted as he tips a large cart upwards. In the cart, a large fish is visible. The cart has an "8" on it.
Leonard Freed (American (North American))
Man with tuna fish in cart at tuna fish factory
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80

Ohshu Chiyokura
Untitled (Calligraphy)
20th century
Gift of Stuart and Barbara Hilbert
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