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Mauro Antonio Tesi
Sketch for the Corner of a Painted Ceiling Decoration
1730 – 1766
Museum Purchase

Roi Partridge
Water Willows
1888 – 1938
Museum Purchase

John Winkler
Waterloo Bridge
1890 – 1940
Museum Purchase

Luigi Lucioni
Birch Patterns
Museum Purchase
Centered on the page of this print are two figures. They are dressed in white shirts, with red capes over their left sholders and matching pants, both trimmed in blue. Both figures are also wearing red cone-shaped headdresses that have a large circular decoration attached with red and blue concentric circles. Both figures are faceless and have black hair. The figures hold black round objects. They are depicted in movement.
Carlos Mérida (Guatemalan)
Danza de los Quetzales
1937 – 1939
Museum Purchase
Centered on the page, this print shows two figures. They both wear white pants trimmed in red and purple and a red shirt with white spots. Both figures have purple suspenders and a black hat with four white spots around the brim. Each figure holds a round black object with black, red and purple flares in one hand and a white pole with black, red, white and purple flares in the other.
Carlos Mérida (Guatemalan)
Danza de las Malinches
1937 – 1939
Museum Purchase
Centered on the page in this print are two figures. Both have oranged-tan skin, revealed by their bare chests, arms and legs. At their ankles, there are white bands with gold circles. On the left, the figure wears blue shorts with a wide white waistband. He faces away, on his head there is a headdress in the shape of a horned-deer that faces to the left, attached by a white cloth. The figure holds two yellow disks. On the right, the man wears slightly different draping knickers with a wide-white waist band that has small orange toggles hanging off the front and a white flap off the back. He wears a blue mask with a white, abstracted face painted on. The mask has gold fabric attached at the top and bottom to represent hair and a beard. This right figure holds a small blue box with white design.
Carlos Mérida (Guatemalan)
Danza de los Pascolas y el Venado
1937 – 1939
Museum Purchase

Giacinto Brandi
Diana and Satyr
17th century
Museum Purchase

John Bernard Flannagan
Crouching Figure
1915 – 1938
Museum Purchase

Maurice Estève
Jour de Fête
1904 – 1953
Museum Purchase

Pietro Longhi
Studies for a Portrait Group
1702 – 1762
Museum Purchase
'Ueberlauf' on rim running design, in center a blossom; paste: buff, fine, medium-hard; glaze: glossy, fine crackle top glaze, over cream slip on interior and exterior except bottom part. Fired upside down (tripod on interior) and upright. Colors are green, yellow, aubergine, green-white. Slightly restored.
Iranian (Iranian)
Plate with tri-colored glaze
10th century
Museum Purchase