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David Murray
Canterbury Cathedral and Weed Grown Waste
Gift of Albert M. Todd

T. Peckitt
1881 – 1888
Gift of Albert M. Todd
White marble sculpture of female figure, partially nude with a cloth draped loosely around her waist and over her left forearm. She holds a cluster of flowers in her left hand, and a single bloom in her right; a basket of flowers located on base to left and slightly behind figure.
Richard James Wyatt
Gift of Albert M. Todd

T. Peckitt
Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus
1881 – 1888
Gift of Albert M. Todd
In this painting, done in broad brush strokes, the figures of two women fill the composition. The woman on the right is seated in profile and the other, standing behind her, gazes out into the distance. They both wear shawls which make their bodies monolithic forms. A strong outline appears, especially around their heads, because they are set againist a plain white wall. There is also a strong color contrast between the dark black shawl worn by the standing woman and light pink shawl of the seated one. An amulet made of bone and feathers hangs on the wall in the upper right corner of the painting.
Victor Higgins (American (North American))
Oka and Walmacho
Gift of Albert M. Todd
This winter landscape scene is painted in light pastel colors including, white, blue, pink and gray. The artist has used vigorous brushstrokes and the paint has been applied thickly on the canvas. The scenery is not painted in detail but done in an impressionistic manner.<br />
In the foreground, a snow-covered hill slopes downward from the upper right side of the composition to the lower left. There is one tall tree that frames the scene on the far right and several others clustered on the left. In the middleground area, seen through the branches of these trees, there are factories and buildings of a town. Also, there are figures ice skating on a pond, at the far left of the composition. In the far distance, seen over the edge of the slope, is the skyline of a city, the shapes of skyscrapers silhouetted against a cloudy sky.
Henry Reuterdahl (American (North American))
Winter in Weehawken
Gift of Albert M. Todd

Pierre Gaston Rigaud
Chartres Cathedral at Three O'Clock
Gift of Albert M. Todd
Hilly green landscape with tres, blue skies and clouds. Pond on the right hand side.
André des Fontaines (French (culture or style))
The Pond
1915 – 1925
Gift of Albert M. Todd

Richard James Wyatt
Base for Flora
Gift of Albert M. Todd

Edward Potthast
The Sisters
Gift of Albert M. Todd

Goodman (?)
Age of Innocence
Gift of Albert M. Todd

British;Joshua Reynolds
Heads of Angels: Miss Frances Isabella Gordon (1782-1831)
1783 – 1792
Gift of Albert M. Todd