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In this hanging scroll, a group of travelers move along a path at the foot of the mountains that rise upward, dominating the majority of the pictoral space. A common technique using small black dots occurs throughout the painting, accenting mountain edges, tree branches and roots. A building can be seen peeking out from behind the mountains in the lower portion of hte painting.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Travelling in Autumn Mountains: Landscape in the style of Guo Xi (Kuo Hsi)
16th century
Gift of Dorothy Dunlap Cahill
Idaten is depicted here, fierce, standing on clouds.  His garments blow in the breeze, and a halo showing his power and godliness encircles his head.
Yamawaki Tôki
The Deva Idaten
1800 – 1839
Gift of Helmut Stern
In this snowy scene a plum tree and rock seem are seen atop a hill.  The elegant, contorted trunk and branches of the tree create a visual arch over the image, framing the rock, snow, and block of calligraphic text below.
Chang Ku-nien, Chen Shu-chen
Plum Blossoms in Snow
1975 – 1999
Gift of Dr. Cheng-Yang and Mrs. Shirley Chang
A rough, red rock seems to grow out of the hillside, almost as organically as the orchids growing next to it.  Calligraphic text is in the upper left corner.
Chang Ku-nien, Liu Yantao, Gao Yihong
Orchids and Red Rock
Gift of Dr. Cheng-Yang and Mrs. Shirley Chang
The torrential water and the Clear Water Cliff beside the Suhua Highway.
Chang Ku-nien
Clear Water Cliff
12/02 – 31 1973
Gift of Dr. Cheng-Yang and Mrs. Shirley Chang
One of six hanging scrolls in a series depicting the landscape of Ali Mountain, trees and hillside are shown below calligraphic text.  The artist uses alternating wet ink washes for the misty clouds and dry flying-brushes for the large pine trees
Chang Ku-nien
Ali Mountain Based on Sketches - 6
Gift of Ted and Syauchen Baker
This hanging scroll depicts Monju (Sanskrit: Mañjuśrī), the bodhisattva of wisdom, seated on a lotus pedestal, holding his typical attributes of a vajra sword and a scroll. His typical lion mount is depicted underneath the base of lotus surrounded by peonies.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Bodhisattva Manjusri (Monju Bosatsu)
17th century
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Kanô Hôkyô Shôun
The Seven Gods of Good Fortune
1650 – 1699
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Zheng Shanxi
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Wen Ji
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
Hanging scroll with calligraphy and landscape imagery. Three lines of calligraphy adorn the upper left side while opposite is imagery of orchids, grass and a rock.
Ikeno Gyokuran
Orchids and Rock with Calligraphy
1750 – 1784
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Wang Yachen
Squirrel on Rock with Chrysanthemums
Gift of Benjamin Chou and Dr. Christina Fang
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