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In this image of bamboo bent under heavy snow the leaves are depicted with vigorous yet controlled strokes of the brush, while the snow is indicated by surrounding areas of blank paper with dark ink, a traditional technique in monochrome ink painting.
Zhu Sheng (Chu Sheng)
Bamboo in snow
Gift of Dorothy Dunlap Cahill
An intricate ecology of plants grows up this mountainside landscape.  Two men walk in a clearing below a building.  A waterfall flows downward on the upper left, below calligraphic text.
Chang Ku-nien
Waterfall at Milky Way Cave
1970 – 1990
Gift of Ted and Syauchen Baker

Wang Yachen
Pine Tree, Mountains and Ancient Temple
Gift of Benjamin Chou and Dr. Christina Fang

Wang Yachen
Pine Trees
Gift of Benjamin Chou and Dr. Christina Fang
A grounded and a flying goose is paired in both paintings, creating a contrast of stillness and movement. The goose is the water has its head turned to watch the descent of the goose flying in from the right. The upper left corner contains calligraphic text, and creating ripples in the water in the foreground is a goose with its head below the surface, and bottom in the air. Reeds come in from the right.<br />
<br />
These two hanging scroll paintings depict geese and reeds. Based on the style, the use of silk and the mounting method, it is assumed that the two works are part of the same set. Plate 278-1 (2009/1.488.1) depicts three geese including one with its head plunged into the water, while Plate 278-2 (2009/1.488.2) depicts two. Both works depict reeds on the right part of the painting. Yang&rsquo;s signature in &ldquo;boneless&rdquo; stroke style, effective in portraying light and shade, is striking. Yang Gihun (楊基薰, 1843&ndash;?), who painted these works, was active mainly in Pyeongyang which is cur
Ki-hun Yang
Geese and Reeds (one of a pair)
1867 – 1899
Gift of Keum Ja and Byung Schick Kang

Zhang Daqian (Chang Ta-ch'ien)
A mountain scene with men riding up winding roads on horseback. There are only two colors used, black and red.
Okuhara Seiko
Snow Landscape
Gift of Stuart Katz
Gold and tan colored cloth with a scene of two bamboo shoots.
Ōbaku Seikon (Taiho)
Bamboo in Snow
early 1760s - early 1770s
Gift of the Estate of Betty I. Monroe, PhD
Gold cloth scroll with an image of a mountain landscape with villagers on a body of water.
Kinoshita Itsuun
Landscape Mountains with Trees and Pagodas
1833 – 1866
Gift of the Estate of Betty I. Monroe, PhD

Chen Nian (Ch'en Nien)
1920 – 1935
Gift of Katsuizumi Sotokichi
<p>&quot;This&nbsp;landscape&nbsp;is&nbsp;characteristic&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;Unkoku school&nbsp;in&nbsp;its&nbsp;sharp&nbsp;tonal&nbsp;contrasts&nbsp;and&nbsp;dramatic composition. The&nbsp;right&nbsp;side&nbsp;is&nbsp;dominated&nbsp;by&nbsp;a&nbsp;jutting&nbsp;sheer&nbsp;cliff&nbsp;face whose magnitude&nbsp;is&nbsp;suggested&nbsp;by&nbsp;the&nbsp;tall&nbsp;trees&nbsp;emerging&nbsp;from&nbsp;its side.&nbsp;In&nbsp;the&nbsp;far&nbsp;distance&nbsp;are&nbsp;other&nbsp;rugged&nbsp;peaks&nbsp;that&nbsp;tower over&nbsp;unseen&nbsp;valleys.&nbsp;In&nbsp;the&nbsp;foreground&nbsp;stands&nbsp;a&nbsp;scholar with a&nbsp;staff&nbsp;viewing&nbsp;the&nbsp;spectacle&nbsp;before&nbsp;him.&nbsp;His&nbsp;young attendant holds&nbsp;the&nbsp;scholar&#39;s&nbsp;favorite&nbsp;instrument, the&nbsp;Chinese&nbsp;<em>ch&#39;in</em>. In the&nbsp;middleground&nbsp;a&nbsp;small&nbsp;open&nbsp;air&nbsp;pavilion&nbsp;under&nbsp;two&nbsp;pine trees&nbsp;punctuates&nbsp;a&nbsp;flat&nbsp;stretch&nbsp;of&nbsp;peninsula,&nbsp;and&nbsp;beyond,
Unknown artist (formerly attributed to Unkoku T
Scholar Strolling in the Mountains
1700 – 1899
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This hanging scroll depicts a chicken executed in rapid brushstrokes, using various shades of black ink. The face of the bird is naturalistically depicted, while its tail feathers are somewhat abstracted. 
Itō Jakuchū
Rooster on a Branch
18th century
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
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