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Image of a mountain overlooking a city under an orange and white sky.
David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexican)
Gift of Jonathan Sugar
A skeleton, with a rifle strapped to his back and a flag of the skull and crossbones in his hand, rides a horse over 13 skulls. The skeleton is wearing a sombrero and he has a handlebar mustache. 
José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican)
Calavera Zapatista
1910 – 1913
Museum Purchase
A crowd of figures dances and drinks outside of an establishment with the words "Echate La Otra" across the top of the entrance. Figures outside the restaurant are wearing patterned tunics, tall socks and shoes, and tall conical hats with plumes of feathers. The figures inside the establishment are wearing sombreros.
José Clemente Orozco (Mexican)
1927 – 1935
Gift of Mina L. Winslow
In this print we see a view of a city from the rooftop. In the foreground, two men standing on a balcony stare out at a city. A tall belltower emerges from the middle and leans to the right. In the background are smaller buildings and clouds fill the sky.
Leopoldo Méndez (Mexican)
Vista de Zaragoza
Museum Purchase

Leopoldo Méndez (Mexican)
1903 – 1948
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
A portrait of a woman. Only her head and the upper part of her body is visible. She is wearing a hat, a dress and some earrings. <br /><br />
EC 2017
Diego Rivera (Mexican)
A Woman
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
In this print, four women in shawls and layers of cloth are positioned on their hands and knees or laying on the ground. All of them are reaching for a small seed, perhaps a kernal of corn. Their bodies span two jagged cracks that split the ground in a small clearing in a field.
Dosamantes, Francis (Mexican)
Gathering Up Kernels
1932 – 1958
Museum Purchase

David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexican)
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
At the center of the print a large dark figure sits in a shadow. He is holding a stick that has four small red, horned figures attached to the top. The print is located and signed in the plate (c.l.) "mèxico / 1950 / Isidoro" and editioned in pencil (l.l.) "7/25" and signed and dated in pencil (l.r.) "Isidoro Ocampo/56.".
Isidoro Ocampo (Mexican)
Seller of Judas Effigies
Museum Purchase

David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexican)
Man at a Tree
1896 – 1974
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet

Isidoro Ocampo (Mexican)
Pottery Maker, from 'Mexican People'
1942 – 1952
Museum Purchase
This pring shows the shoulders and skull of a skeleton wearing a wide brimmed hat adorned with plumes and decorative objects. 
José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican)
Calavera de la Catrina
1905 – 1915
Museum Purchase
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