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Wooden mask in the form of a female head. The face has traces of white pigment and the lips, nose, eyebrows, and chin are defined with black pigment. There are three small dots in a column on each side of the face. The hair is decorated with spiral designs. Four conical protrusions topped with knobs form the crest of the hairstyle, while four spiral cones curve down from the crest on either side of the head; the two closest to the front on each side are connected at the bottom.
Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich
Wooden figure in a standing position surmounted by two conical horns protruding from the top of the head. The legs are triangular in shape while the body is columnar with grooves on the left and right side. The hands in front hold an object that connects to the chin of the figure. 
Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
20th century
Gift of Dr. Daniel and Sandra Mato

Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
Elephant Mask
Gift and partial purchase from the estate of Kurt Delbanco in honor of Nicholas Delbanco
Wooden standing figure with one foot missing. There are two strings of beads around the neck and the face is painted white. The eyes, nose, and mouth are detailed with black pigment. The hair is black with an incised grid-like pattern. 
Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
Standing Figure
20th century
Gift of Dr. Daniel and Sandra Mato

Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
Ancestral Shrine Figure (Male)
1935 – 1945
Staff with a short, pointed handle. The top of the handle is surmounted by a rectangle with two inverted triangles. Underneath the triangles is a small face and a neck with four raised grooves.  
Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
20th century
Gift of Margaret H. and Albert J. Coudron
Wooden mask with a superstructure of curling horns with blue pigment. The face of the mask is white and the mouth is open with pointed teeth. Attached below the mouth is a panel of fur, possibly monkey fur. The forehead is dark in color while there is blue pigment above each eye. On each side of the head are possible animal figures or horns, while atop the forehead sits another set of horns or hairstyle that points downward, carved with a spiral design. 
Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
1900 – 1978
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Weston