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Round, carved gamepiece featuring the image of a figure in armor sitting on top of and stabbing a winged creature with a beard. 
Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
Gamepiece of an Armed Knight Throttling a Monstrous, Bearded Chimera
12th century
Gift of Ilene H. Forsyth

Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
Troy Legend
Gift of the Baroness Maud Ledyard von Ketteler

Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
Pair of turned oak columns
1500 – 1532
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Michael de Havenon

Gilles Demarteau (Flemish (culture or style))
Oiseau captif
1722 – 1776
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke
A seated woman holds a baby, who reaches out toward a tray of grapes offered by a standing toddler.  The figures are situated under a curtain of drapery.
Raphael Sadeler I (Flemish (culture or style))
Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist
1591 – 1622
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Aegidius Sadeler (Flemish (culture or style))
Woodland Scene
1569 – 1629
Museum purchase

Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
The Rape of Europa
1567 – 1632
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
Troy Legend
Gift of the Baroness Maud Ledyard von Ketteler

Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
Tapestry;Border Fragment (Central cartouche depicting 'Atlanta and the Caledonia
1567 – 1632
Gift of Colonel and Mrs. Thomas M. Spaulding

Sir Anthony van Dyck (Flemish (culture or style))
Philippvs Comes Pembrokiae
1600 – 1641
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
A dark, densely figured decorative background surrounds a central round space containing a nude woman holding a staff before an expansive landscape. At her feet is a striding peacock.
Adriaen Collaert (Flemish (culture or style))
Mythological Figures from the Judgment of Paris: Juno, no. 1 out of a series of
1560 – 1618
Museum Purchase

Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
Presentation in the Temple (Leaf from a Book of Hours)
1440 – 1450
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
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