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Plaster sculpture of a man dressed in a Civil War military uniform; arms are broken off at mid-bicep.  <br />
Randolph Rogers (American (North American))
Model for cavalry soldier
1845 – 1885
Gift of Randolph Rogers
Plaster sculpture of a standing male figure, his right hand resting upon a small column and his left hand holding the arm of a crouching African American female figure.
Randolph Rogers (American (North American))
Lincoln and the Emancipated Slave
1861 – 1871
Gift of Randolph Rogers
This is a white marble sculpture that depicts the upper torso of a man. There is drapery wrapped loosely around his figure. He is shown staring into the viewer's space and his facial expression is calm and reserved. This sculpture is carved in a realistic manner and rests on a columnar pedestal.
Randolph Rogers (American (North American))
Bust of George Washington (1732-1799), after Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741-1828)
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis
A white marble statue of a young female figure, leaning forward holding a staff with eyes closed, her left hand held up to her right ear. A flowing, wind-swept garment drapes the figure. On the base to the left of the figure is a broken capital of a Corinthian column lying on its side.
Randolph Rogers (American (North American))
Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii
Gift of Rogers Art Association
Man standing, arm broken off, proper right, wood exposed.
Randolph Rogers (American (North American))
Model of Proposed Monument for Admiral Farragut
1845 – 1885
Gift of Randolph Rogers