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This photograph shows a ballerina leaping into the air with her arms above her head, in fifth position, toes pointed, and ankles crossed. 
Philippe Halsman (American (North American))
Ballet International
Gift of Hans Neukomm
This portrait of a woman shows her leaning on a table with her hands clasped at chin-level, the lighting creating a dramatic chiaroscuro across her face.
Philippe Halsman (American (North American))
Portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
A studio image of artist Salvador Dali in a surrealistic scene. Dali jumps in the air as furniture hovers around him, and three cats fly into a stream of water that splashes across the scene.
Philippe Halsman (American (North American))
Dali Atomicus
Museum Purchase
This profile view of a young woman against a black backdrop shows her styled platinum hair and light skin contrasting against the dark background.
Philippe Halsman (American (North American))
Gift of Hans Neukomm
This is a black and white bust portrait of Albert Einstein in his study at Princeton.
Philippe Halsman (American (North American))
Albert Einstein
Museum purchase made possible by the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
This photograph is a studio portrait of a woman with styled hair, wearing a light-colored salon cape around her shoulders. 
Philippe Halsman (American (North American))
Color Rinse
1931 – 1940
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet