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Two lamps provide the only source of light in this nighttime interior and the scene is full of dark shadows and areas highlighted by white. Two men are seated at a table- one is a bearded man wearing long robes and the other has a staff and a hat with wings. They are looking at a woman, wearing a cloth headdress and a long dress, who stands before them. On the left is a man entering through a doorway. The features of the room are shown in great detail including the assortment of food, hanging vegetables and baskets, a wall tapestry, the rough wood planking and decorative designs on the bedding. There is a printed Latin inscription below this scene.
Hendrik Goudt
Jupiter and Mercury in the House of Philemon and Baucis
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
This black and white print shows an outdoor scene with lush leafy trees, open sky and mountains in the far distance. Two figures are walking along a wooded path in the foreground- one is a man with wings wearing robed garments and the other a younger man carrying a single large fish. There is a city shown in the middle distance through the trees and a pasture scene depicted on the right.
Hendrik Goudt
Tobias with the Angel Dragging the Fish (The Large Tobias)
Museum Purchase

Hendrik Goudt
Aurora (Landscape at Dawn)
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection