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Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Round Three-Tiered Box
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
Wooden block painted cinnabar red with a carved floral design framing an inner square that contains six characters in the top and lower right, center, and left corners and a large character in the middle (“longevity”) with an image of two coins suspended from the wings of a stylized bat in the lower center.<br />
Block for Printing "Longevity" Spirit Money, from Taiwan
1967 – 1999
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Longevity Spirit Money, from Taiwan (2 prints)
20th century
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
A white earthenware box where the cover and the body are almost identical in form, the entire vessel of a short cylindrical from with flat top, with subtle articulation at the shoulder, on a shallow footring.  It is covered in blue, amber, and green glazes applied in a splotchy manner. 
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
936 – 1125
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Blue-and-White Small Delftware Bowl
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
A tiny tear-drop-shaped metal (copper?) pendant, edged with beading, serving as support for a minature seated image of a Dhyani Buddha, made of inlaid semi-precious stones and copper wire.  This may have originally been part of a necklace or tiara, or part of a brooch for a high-ranking monk's ritual costume.
Miniature Dhyani Buddha
1800 – 1932
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Ryûryûkyo Shinsai
Poetry Competition: The Pink Shell (Kasen awase: nadeshikogai)
Museum purchase made possible by funds donated in memory of Helen Kirsch, Docent

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Satsuma Ware Bowl with Images of The Treasury of Loyal Retainers (Chûshingura)
Gift of James F. Myers BA '48, MA '49, University of Michigan
This print shows a man wearing a bright blue robe. There are white circles on each shoulder. He holds something brown in his right hand. The background is red, and a green band with white crests borders the entire print.<br />
 <br />
Inscriptions: Meiji 6 tori nen; Toyohara Kunichika-hitsu; Katkiuchi chikai no Hikosan; Keyamura Rokusuke, Nakamura Shikan;
Toyohara Kunichika (Japanese (culture or style))
Promise of Revenge at Hikosan: Nakamura Shikan IV as Keyamura Rokusuke
Gift of Stuart Katz

David Seccombe
Ground Zero XXXVI, from "Landscapes at Ground Zero"
Gift of Jean McPhail
The print has a blue background. A girl is shown with blonde hair, red lips and a melancholy facial expression. She holds a microphone, opening her mouth and emitting a speech bubble saying, "The melody haunts my reverie." The artist applied the technique of Ben Day dots to depict her skins.
Roy Lichtenstein (American (North American))
The Melody Haunts My Reverie
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson

Fang (Fang (culture or style))
Gift of Robert B. Jacobs
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