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Khmer (Khmer (general))
Head and torso of a Bodhisattva (Srivijaya Style)
8th century
Gift of John Adams Thierry in memory of Louis Sidney Thierry
A small figurine of a torso of a goddess. She has a long oval head with a decorated head piece and dress. Her eyes are circular in shape and hollowed out, so they appear very dark.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Torso of a goddess
3300 CE – 1300 BCE
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Torso of a Buddha
1500 – 1699
Gift of Doris Duke's Southeast Asian Art Collection
This black and white photograph depicts a partial view of a nude woman's body set against a solid black background. The figure is facing away from the viewer showing only the left portion of her torso, thigh and arm.
Ralph Gibson (American (North American))
Nude Back, from "The Silver Edition, Volume I"
Gift of Selma and Gerry Lotenberg

Khmer (Khmer (general))
Uma, torso (Khmer-Bayon style)
1100 – 1299
Gift of John Adams Thierry in memory of Louis Sidney Thierry

Bamana (Bamana)
Female Antelope Headdress (Chi-Wara)
1945 – 1955
Gift of Allen Roberts in memory of Sidney H. Roberts
A small polished bronze sculpture of a biomorphic form rising gracefully from a small base. Where it contacts the base, the form stands on two leg-like structures. The form rises from there, narrows, then opens up into a wider, more oblong shape at the top.
Hans (Jean) Arp (French (culture or style))
Little Torso No. 5 (Torse)
1930 – 1957
Gift of the Estate of Maxine W. Kunstadter in memory of Sigmund Kunstadter, Class of 1922
Yellow form centered on a white background; the form is in the shape of a leaf.
Hans (Jean) Arp (French (culture or style))
The Elements: Leaf transformed into a torso
1924 – 1966
Museum Purchase
This photograph depicts the torso and head of a nude woman. She holds her arm above her head and faces toward the left side of the frame.
Clarence H. White;Alfred Stieglitz (American (North American);American (North American))
1907 – 1909
On the recto is a landscape-orientation sketch in red chalk of a figure in prayer. The drawing is composed of just the model's torso, from shoulders to hip. The figure's arms are slightly outstreched with palms together in prayer.<br />
On the verso is a portrait-orientation sketch in red chalk of a male nude, heightened in white. The figure is shown on his knees with legs just past shoulder-distance apart; the figure leans backwards, his chin raised and head titled away from the viewer. His left arm is stretched above his head and reaches right; the right arm extends straight out to the right, ending at the elbow. Below the man is a study of a leg bending at the knee.<br />
Carlo Maratta
Study of the Hands and Torso of a Praying Figure; Study of a Male Nude and a Leg
1650 – 1725
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This print shows a detail of two torsos.
Dotty Attie (American (North American))
Mother's Kisses: detail of torsos
Museum Purchase
Detailed image of a woman's waist. A few fingers can be seen grasping the lower portion of her breast along the top of the print.
Dotty Attie (American (North American))
Mother's Kisses: detail of waist and arm
Museum Purchase
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