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This color woodcut is printed on black paper. At the center, there is a white horse with a monkey sitting on its back. Next to the monkey, there is a bright yellow object. A white figure swings from an amorphous shape, outlined in black, coming from the upper right of the image. The background is blue with a green circle to the upper left. The print is titled (l.l.) "Monkey and Lamp", numbered (l.c.) "47/50", signed and dated (l.r.) "A Ryan '45", and dedicated (l.c.) "For Felix III Christmas 1945" in white ink.
Anne Ryan (American (North American))
Monkey and Lamp
Gift of Gerome Kamrowski
This drawing has an image of a figure at the center. Drawn on reused paper, glossy on the back and matte on the front, the figure has dark eyes, two large red circles in the chest area and orange pants. There are swirling red and grey throughout the background with a blue border on all four sides. The drawing is signed in blue ink at the center "Sam Mackey".
Sam Mackey (American (North American))
1977 – 1992
Gift of H. David Zucca
This print shows a landscape with a mountain rising in the middle of the background. There are trees and grass in front, and a body of water in the foreground. At the center, on the edge of the water, sits a faucet, a razor, and a toothbrush in a clear glass as if the body of water is a sink.<br />
The print is signed (l.r.) "Doug Webb" and numbered (l.l.) "197/275" in pencil.
Doug Webb (American (North American))
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
1980 – 1990
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick

Ernest Lumsden
Pekin Shops
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber.
This is an image of a school building and school yard from a birds-eye perspective. The school building is in the center of the image, and is gray with a blue roof and yellow in the windows and doorway. The building is surrounded by two red swing sets, a basketball hoop, a blue slide, and a tree. Children are scattered throughout the scene on the play equipment, and are also visible through the windows of the school.
Blanch Ackers
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
At the center of the drawing is a woman, drawn in pencil. There is an orange edge on the left side, with light blue crayon colored overall. The woman has dark circles for cheeks, in pencil, and is wearing a shirt and skirt. Created on reused paper, the paper is glossy on the back and matte on the front.
Sam Mackey (American (North American))
1977 – 1992
Gift of H. David Zucca
This drawing has a red colored border and an image of a person drawn in blue pencil with orange eyes and mouth. There are antennae/ears coming out of both sides of his head. In the background, there are grey crayon in swirled patterns throughout.
Sam Mackey (American (North American))
1977 – 1992
Gift of H. David Zucca
This drawing shows a woman sitting on a white, red, and blue checked blanket on green grass. She wears a blue shirt and red pants. Next to her on the blanket sit a basket and other small rectangular forms. A brown and green bush is behind her in the upper right portion of the scene. The drawing includes a blue border, outlined by a red-orange border. The figured is labeled (l.c.) "Lorraine" in blue.
Eddie Arning (American (North American))
Woman kneeling on picnic blanket
1969 – 1973
Gift of the Cohen Family Fund
A hyper-realistic image of a sailboat with a full crew in a sink filled with water. The sail boat has an american flag on the back. In the background, behind the sink, is a formation of desert cliffs.
Doug Webb (American (North American))
American Dream
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
This painting shows a landscape with white trees in the background, and men in the foreground; some of the men hold tools in their hand. The men are amongst tree logs. A large pot cooks over a campfire and is labeled in red paint "HOBO STEW". There are four black birds flying in the sky, and a gray donkey stands next to one of the men. The painting is titled in red paint (l.l.) "HOBO JUNGLE" and signed in black paint (l.r.) "UNCLE JACK".
Uncle Jack Dey (American (North American))
Hobo Jungle
1955 – 1978
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
This colorful watercolor shows a crowded cityscape with streets appearing in consecutive horizontal bands, each with buildings or specific types of vehicles. High-rise buildings in the background and various smaller buildings, trains, and cars move along the streets in front. Clothes-lines hang between the buildings in the background. A yellow train passes in the foreground. The artists name appears on a white vehicle near the bottom left.
Vernon Jirgins
1950 – 1960
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
At the center of the scene, there are three figures carrying instruments. Below and above, three building-tops are depicted. The central figures are painted in shades of blacks and browns, while the buildings are painted in shades of yellow, orange, beige, black and blue. The background is beige and yellow, and painted on found board and mounted on wooden planks.
Purvis Young (American (North American))
Three Guitar Players
1992 – 2002
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection