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A series of ink dots, placed over six staffs of music notation, form a pair of spectacles, an eye, a nose, and lips.
Paul Rand (American (North American))
Gift of Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo and Maria Phillips
A monochrome print depicting two standing women and a reclining man in a room. The taller woman, a courtesan, wears an elaborate kimono of butterfly design and under-kimono of geometric patterns; her hair is tied on the back, wearing tortoise shell comb and hairpin. She is holding skirts of kimono and under-kimono with her right hand and is hiding her left hand under the kimono. The second woman, an attendant, is standing behind the courtesan, holding a doll of a boy and her face turning away. She wears a plain kimono with pine tree design and obi (sash) with striped patterns. The man is reclining and looking toward the courtesan. They seem to engage in conversation. The man wears kimono with design of coins and short jacket with plaid patterns. His hair is shaved on top and tied on the back. There is a folded screen behind him, depicting a plum tree by river. In front of him, there are a sake pitcher, sake cup and its stand, and a bowl with food accompanied by a tray and chopsticks. There is a title of the p
Okumura Masanobu
Courtesan and client: parody of the Kiritsubo Chapter of the Tale of Genji (Mitate Genji Kiritsubo)
1711 – 1716
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker, through Dr. Walter R. Parker
An abstract print featuring two black undefined lines crossing the top and bottom connected by another undefined line which extends to the edge of the left side.
Robert Motherwell (American (North American))
Africa 1
Bequest of Gertrude Kasle
This screenprint has bands of black with white circles, squares, and triangles along top and bottom edge. A large yellow triangle takes up most of the right side, and other green, red, and pink shapes are throughout. The print has a studio stamp in black ink (l.r.) "herbin" and is numbered in pencil (l.l.) "148/150".
Auguste Herbin (French (culture or style))
1940 – 1950
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
This work is a square, abstract composition with thick, overlapping yellow and gray lines in a labyrinthine pattern. The print is signed and dated (l.r.) "Anni Albers 1970." and titled and numbered (l.l.) "Yellow Meander 51/75" in pencil.
Anni Albers (American (North American))
Yellow Meander
Gift of the Estate of Richard H. Shackson
A graphic of a sunflower's outline, black at its top and gray at its stem and leaves, appears against a white background. An orange butterlfy is positioned to the left. A Van Gogh quote appears at the bottom in gold, disjointed text.
Paul Rand (American (North American))
"What Would Life Be.." Van Gogh Quote
Gift of Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo and Maria Phillips
Photograph of a portable tripod screen with projection of airplane in an interior living space. 
Joel Meyerowitz (American (North American))
New Jersey Interior
Gift of Selma & Gerald Lotenberg
The image depicts a two-doored red cabinet, outlined in thick black lines. It has a light blue handle on each door. The print is signed and editioned in pencil (l.r.) "Patrick Caulfield AP".
Patrick Caulfield (British (modern))
We wanted to bleed with silence
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
This print is made of colorful forms and words in bright letters and bold fonts, arranged on a white background. Block letters display words in a mixed-up format, some upside down, some on their sides. On left side there is a section with smaller writing in yellowish ink on grey.<br /><br />
Text:<br />
To the Lovings, new hope i love you much (most beautiful darling) more than anyone on earth and i like you better than everything in the sky--sunlight and singing welcome your coming although winter may be everywhere with such a silence and such a darkness no one can quite begin to guess (except my life) the true time of the year-- and if what calls itself a world should have the luck to hear singing (or glimpse such sunlight as will leap higher than high through gayer than gayest someone's heart at your each nearness) everyone certainly would (my most beautiful darling) believe in nothing but love. cummings
Corita (American (North American))
New Hope
Gift of Robert Cugno and Robert Logan
On a long horizontal piece of white paper two horizontal rectangles sit. On the left the rectangle is grey with a darker grey design of triangle shapes intersecting at a square in the middle, on the right, the same pattern appears on black.
Josef Albers (American (North American))
Articulation: Formulation
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
This vertical print shows an abstract composition with a pattern of broad white strokes in a grid-like arrangement on a green background.
Anni Albers (American (North American))
Gift of Virginia R. Young in memory of Frederick A. Horowitz
This square screenprint is a color study in green and blue. There are three squares all nestled within eachother, green, turquoise and blue.
Josef Albers (American (North American))
3 square blue/green #121/125
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
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