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Seong Moy
The Royal Family
Bequest of Florence L. Stol

1900 – 1987
Gift of Douglas and Mary Kelley
A pipe with a bronze pipe bowl attached to a long, thin wooden pipe stem. There is a small piece of cloth where the pipe bowl meets the stem. The pipe bowl is decorated with spiral designs. 
1900 – 1987
Gift of Douglas and Mary Kelley
Cone-shaped cap with flattened top. The cap is stitched with black linear uneven chevron patterns. The bottom of the cap contains four symmetrically positioned flaps. 
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
Titleholder's hat
1945 – 1955
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
A dome-shaped cap with alternating patterns of straight and wavy linear designs. Between the wavy linear designs are spaces allowing one to see through the cap. 
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
Titleholder's hat
19th century
Museum purchase
A full-body costume and mask depicting a human figure.
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
Mask and costume (bwoom)
1955 – 1965
Gift of Marc Leo Felix, Brussels
A blue and off-white tunic in a square shape. The tunic is decorated with various geometric designs sewn together. 
Bamileke (Bamileke)
1800 – 1999
Gift of the Robbins Center for Cross Cultural Communications in memory of Warren M. Robbins
This sword with three barbell-shaped handles is attached to a wrought iron shaft ending in two large, curved blades. The shaft is composed of three sections of hourglass-shaped open work interspersed with knots. The two top blades have triangular cut-outs. 
Asante (Asante)
Ceremonial Sword
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich
Balbir Sen of Mandi sits with his legs tucked under him against a purplish bolster on an oval orange carpet with a green border.  He wears a white garment with green borders and some jewelry:  a ring, bracelets, an armlet, necklaces, earrings and wears a green turban with a turban jewel across the front, surmounted by a black feathered aigrette.  A sword signifying his rank lies across his body.  He sits in strict profile with a heavy black beard and mustache.  The paper is plain and uncolored except around the figure, which is painted against a white wash taking the shape of the seated man and his setting.<br />Inscriptions in devanagari script are above the painting.<br />
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Portrait of Maharaja Balbir Sen of Mandi
1820 – 1830
Gift of Mr. George P. Bickford for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
Lady Eleanor Dundas is shown half length, seated in front of a brown background.  She looks towards the light source to the right of the painting.  She is dressed in a diaphanous black dress with an Empire cut and black veil.  A sheer lace collar frames her throat.  She has heavy lidded eyes and an alert or slightly mournful expression
Henry Raeburn
Lady Eleanor Dundas
1790 – 1800
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Terracotta pipe bowl in a cylindrical shape. The body of the bowl is covered with 'spider-motif' decorations knobs. Another smaller, cylindrical projection—where the pipe stem would attach—is undecorated. 
Pipe Bowl
1900 – 1950
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis
This wooden chair has two squatting figures decorating the finials; one is elderly, bearded, and scarified, while the other is fresh-faced and young. At the lower left rung, two men carry a slit drum; between the caryatid figures supporting the chair’s front legs appear three men; the central slat has incised diagonal patterns called fuliko. At the center, what is possibly a pointy-nosed European’s face replaces the more habitual chikungu masker.
Chokwe (Chokwe (culture or style))
1900 – 1925
Gift of Robert B. Jacobs