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A man wearing a tunic, cape and boots stands in a minimal landscape. His walking stick seems to be falling away from him at the right as the man points upwards toward the sun's rays, as well as extends his right hand towards fire at the lower left.
René Boyvin
1539 – 1540
Museum Purchase
A bearded man sits in a cemetery upon a stone block and leans on a sarcophagus with his head in his hand. A book sits in his lap. Sarcophagi, obelisks, and funerary urns surround him. The bones and body parts of humans and animals along with a discarded helmet and books are strewn across the foreground.
Salvator Rosa
Democritus in Meditation
1615 – 1673
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
A bust of a pensive female figure enrobed in drapery is encased in a medallion.  It is above a sketched scene with multiple figures in an interior space, who surround a man lying in a bed that is enframed by a garland of foliage.
Jean Baptiste Raphaël Urbain Massard (French (culture or style))
Étude du tableau de la dame de Charité
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
A standing man in a magnificent crested helmet addresses a bearded man in bedraggled clothes sitting on the ground before the mouth of a large barrel. The latter figure turns his head to respond and extends his right hand toward the other man. A group of soldiers crowd around.
Salvator Rosa
Alexander Visiting Diogenes
1615 – 1673
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
This painting shows a man seated on a bench, facing the viewer. He leans forward slightly and his right hand reaches across his body to point toward a group of coins on the ground. He is dressed in tattered clothing and his feet are bare. The bench where he is seated is inscribed with the letters: P. Q. P. C. /T. T. This is an outdoor scene with open sky in the background and some vegetation on a ledge above him, but there are no details to indicate the exact location. Another man is shown in the background at the right, walking hunched over and using a staff. There is a strong contrast between dark and light in this painting. The figure of the walking man and the dark shapes of buildings are outlined against the light backdrop of the sky. A strong warm light, from the left side of the painting, highlights the knees, hand and upper body of the seated man.
Domenico Fetti
The Cynic Philosopher Crates
1600 – 1624
Museum Purchase

Jean-François Millet
The Mendicant
1857 – 1858
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Egisto Manzuoli
Grove of the Philosophers
1860 – 1870
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis