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A black and white print of a circus ring. Six spotlights are pointed at the center of the empty floor.
Emilio Sanchez
Center Ring
Gift of the Emilio Sanchez Foundation

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes
A Queen of the Circus, from 'Los Proverbios' (also known as 'Los Disparates')
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
A child playing on top of a deflated circus tent.
D. James Galbraith
Circus Boy, Michigan Circus
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian (culture or style))
No. 18a from the Opere varie series
1752 – 1762
Museum Purchase

Georges Rouault (French (culture or style))
Cirque de l'Etoile Filante. Plate XIII: Le Renchéri (p.106)
Museum Purchase
An elephant trainer in a hat and jacket standing in the center of the image and there are elephants behind him lined up.
D. James Galbraith
Elephant Man with Traveling European Circus, South Lyon, Michigan
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family
In the forefront both men and women are dipicted as watching the concert.  One man has his head resting on his hand.  At the center of the piece lies the orchestra, and more prominently the conductor.  The stage is surrounded by curtains.
Max Liebermann (German (culture or style))
The Concert
1847 – 1935
Museum Purchase
This print depicts the interior of a theater. Several actors move about the set at the top of the print. Individuals in the audience are minutely detailed. Near the left of the stage, a pair of half-naked men brawl while an actor chides them from above. Near the bottom of the image, several in the audience smoke long pipes. A man holds the hand of a child on a raised platform near the bottom left of the print.<br /><br />
Inscriptions: Nishimura and unidentified others (​Publisher's seal); Torii Kiyotsune ga (Artist's signature)<br />
Torii Kiyotsune
Perspective Print of the Interior of the Nakamura Theater Featuring the Amakawa Scene of The Treasury of Loyal Retainers
1755 – 1765
Gift of Sharlynn and Andrew Circo, in memory of Sotokichi Katsuizumi
A street scene. There is a man playing the flute and a sailor standing. There is a man in a suit behind him, next to a trash can. There is litter all over the ground.
Ken Heyman
Sailor Watching Man Play Flute on Street, NYC
1962 – 1973
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80

Saitô Kiyoshi
Bunraku (puppet)
Gift of the Estate of Arno and Marian Bader
Carved wooden mask in the form of a oval-shaped face. The eyes are set close together with a small nose and mouth. The center of the face is sunken while the chin and forehead are raised. There are three small squares next to either eye and horizontal grooves on the forehead. 
1900 – 1983
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Horace M. Miner
Oval shaped wooden mask with white pigment on the face and black pigment on the hair, which has a scalloped pattern near the forehead. There is also black pigment outlining the eyes, mouth, nose, as well as facial markings next to and below the eyes. Along the edge of the mask are small holes, perhaps to attach a now missing part of the costume. 
20th century
Gift of Dr. Daniel and Sandra Mato
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