25 UMMA Objects
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A terra cotta plant holder on a table with a small green leaf plant with yellow and purple flowers. There is text above.
Maurice Utrillo
Bequest from the Estate and Trust of Elise Reeder Olton

Ronald F. Fleming
Hidden Garden (or Suspended Redwood Flora)
Gift of Robert M. and Lillian Montalto Bohlen

Netsuke of mouse and chestnut on leaves
19th century
Museum purchase made possible by a gift of Mrs. Ruth Sinsheimer and others, in memory of Joseph E. Sinsheimer, Professor of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology, The University of Michigan
An overlay of oval shaped leaves taking over the entire image. Light grey hues.
Don Worth
Tropical Leaves: Fittonia Argyroneura, California
1958 – 2005
Don Worth Photographic Trust
There is a single branch that rises from the bottom of the painting and that ends at the top of the painting. There are smaller twigs that jut out from the main branch and that each have vibrant red-orange maple leaves growing from them. There are signatures and seals in the bottom left corner of the painting.
Nishiyama Kan'ei
Maple Leaves
1850 – 1899
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This is a clear glass inkwell with a metal collar and sphere finial lid. The body has a hollow glass sphere resting on a base of three solid glass spheres. Each of the spheres is decorated with painted leaves and flowers.<br />
Artist Unknown
Three spears base on top of spear front, spear finial, iridescent color, hand painted
1875 – 1975
Gift in loving memory of Donald Maxwell Robiner from his family
It is a round, openwork iron tsuba, in the design of three interconnected irises. The two holes are plugged with gold.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Tsuba (sword guard) with iris design
1775 – 1785
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Weston
Silk crepe with woven satin maple leaf designs ("crepe-backed satin") enhanced by hand-painted yellow accents.  Sleeves are lined and main part of body is not.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Pale yellow silk underkimono with designs of maple leaves
1960 – 1980
Gift of Howard and Patricia Yamaguchi
Two men standing at a waterfall, surrounded by foliage.
Gaetano Cottafavi
Grotto volgarmente detta di Nettuno a Tivoli
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Wig Stuffed with Leaves
1900 – 1983
Gift of Meryl Pinsof-Platt

MS Leaf: Hymnal
1633 – 1666
Museum Purchase
A wooden frame in gold color decorated with gold leaf pattern.
Artist Unknown
Gold Leaf Frame
1850 – 1950
Gift of George J. Valenta, class of 1955 LSA